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10 | Broken but on the Mend

Luckily I managed to avoid Colton and my twin for the rest of the day although it was no easy task because eveywhere I went for the rest of the day it seemed that either one or the other was in the same place as I was or the two of them also seemed to pop up at the same time so it was even harder to weave my way through the crowds to get away from the curios gaze of Colton and the and furious glares that my sister keeps sending my way throughout the week

But as the day came to a close I knew my luck of avoiding my sister and the bad boy resident was on thin ice mainly because I had to share a car ride with Natasha and I knew if she wasn’t talking to me then it would be really, really awkward situation but not just for me but for Natasha as well

But as I pull up in the parking lot and shield my eyes from the beating sun peeking out from behind the clouds and I glance around the parking lot and I curl my fists into tight balls when I notice the parking lot is indeed empty and my car isn’t where I parked it this morning nor is it anywhere in the parking lot

Fuming and impatiently I fish my phone out of my jean pocket as I try to control the power coursing like thunder through my veins when I’m upset or angry it becomes considerably harder to harness the powers of ice and fire I have no idea why it was those two elements but it was and I had to control them to make sure I didn’t pierce the school in icicles or burn it down because I may not like the hell hole but I don’t think they would appreciate it if I burnt it to ashes

I dial the number that I need to speak to the only one that can knock some sense into Natasha Maddox he picked up after three rings and answered with a soft tone almost like he knew something was wrong or making me mad “What’s wrong Emersyn I’m in a meeting right now” he sighs

“Natasha left me that little shitty rat left me” I exclaim angrily

“We don’t talk about family like that” he says in a calm voice but I can sense the warning seeping into his voice

“Sorry” I mutter but I really wasn’t it wasn’t like she was here to hear that because she fucking left me and that was what got me like this so no daddy dearest I’m so fucking not sorry for whatever the hell I said

“I can always get your Uncle Sam to pick you up because as far as I know he’s home and happy to do it for you I’ll give him a ring now and I’ll text you when he’s on his way and as for your sister I will talk to her but I think you have to sort that out for yourself” Das says and I nod but realise that he cant see me so I’m about to hang up but remember something

“But I wanted to go see Mom and I don’t want to put any pressure on Sam to feel like he has to come or go in just because I wanna go see my mom after a bad day of school” I say and I know I being so not me but come on I have a heart especially when it comes to family that is the ones that aren’t acting like a total turd

“That’s sweet of you darling but Samuel’s a big boy and can handle himself look I got to go, if you get home you can order take out I love you dont kill your sister” and then he’s gone


“Hey darling how was your day at school?” My mom says with the brightest smile and a sharp twinkle in her eyes and if you just heard her voice and didn’t know that she was trapped behind bullet proof screening glass and chained down to a table with shackled weights and with a dozen or so guards waiting outside of the door ready to shoot on command, you wouldn’t know she was trapped in a prison of herself

“Fine” I huff with a bored expression but like always she can see right through it

“I’m guessing as to why Natty ain’t here she has something to do with it and you look drained so I’m guessing you are having trouble with your powers” She guesses and once again she guess with 100% accuracy

“Yeah” I mutter dropping my head before shuffling over to a chair and dragging it across the floor before sitting down on it and clicking my tongue before continuing “Natty is being a dick and wont talk to me and I smashed a bathroom mirror with my powers a couple of days ago”

Her face pales and her eyes darken wickedly like they did a few years ago when she was still on the streets as the most ruthless gang leader and Mom is about to speak to me but the door opens with a click and in walks one of the officers and beside him was Samuel who went pale and fidgety beside him

“You have another visitor” The man growls looking like he wants to spit acid at my mom who just smiles innocently at the man it seems like she is used to the by now; all those nasty glares and scowls that people give her

“Why thanks Draco” My mom replies her voice as thick and sweet as honey

The officer growls again and pushes Samuel forward before stomping out the room and sealing us from the outside world. Samuel walks awkwardly to a chair before sitting down and my mom smiles warmly at him but I can sense the tension between the two

“Hiya Sammy” My mom says sounding like a child

“Lexi” He breathes with a small smile

And that’s how I know that they were broken pieces of a puzzle but they would fix each other

And I know that is what I need to do with my sister...

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