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11 | Make Ups and Break Ups

The house lights were off when I arrived at the house after visiting Mom and Uncle Sam dropped me off at my house, I’m not sure about Dad but I’m pretty sure Natasha is supposed to be, so where the hell is she?

I glance at Samuel and he shrugs knowing what I’m thinking and I get out the car slamming it behind me as I storm up the drive and I can feel the energy and power coursing through my veins again like thunder and I know I have to get control of my emotions before I hurt someone but I can’t its nearing impossible to keep a lid on my anger and I dont know how long I will be able to keep the lid tight on before it bursts


She snuck out again


Doesn’t she know by now how much I hate her doing that


She could be in serious trouble!!!


Suddenly I’m not in control anymore it’s like my mind has been disconnected from my body and I can’t have a say in what I do, my powers flood through my body feeling as light as feather and as thin as water but as heavy as lead and as thick as blood at the same time. It’s blurry and I know something bad is going to happen I can sense it but by no means can I stop it

It’s blurry and the world spins but I can her the keys that fell out my palm jingle and the sound of the lock clicking and someone pushing my shoulder gently to guide me inside the house before I hear the door closing and suddenly just like that I cant hear anything anymore as ice spurts out from my hand in one jagged line at least I think it was ice

God so help me I hope to heaven and hell that it wasn’t fire

Another blast of my powers shoot straight out of my hand and directly towards someone but my mind is too clouded to figure out who it was and now I’m scared because if I’ve hurt that person its on me and I’m not in control of myself right now but it would still haunt me for the rest of my living days

When the temperature drops drastically in the room after only a couple of minutes I know I had to reconnect with my mind but I didn’t know how because every time I told myself to calm down and breathe another wave of jagged ice would shoot from my hands

Just stop

Finally after some moments I feel like my head has reconnected to my body and even though my body still feel like it has been struck by flint and steel my powers have stopped shooting out of my hand but as always I feel drained so with hardly any energy left to do anything I sink to my knees and bury my face in my palms

A huge wave of guilt and silence crash into me like a tidal and I start to sob not knowing what the hell I did with my powers but finally my uncle breaks the silence as he tries to reassure me that everything is fine”Em are you alright? I’m fine trust me” but he doesn’t sound ‘fine’ he sounds just as broken and drained as I am

“I hurt you didn’t I? and I probably broke half of the things in the fucking room!” I exclaim my anger levels rising again “And I would love to help you clean up this place but unfortunately I have an idiot sister to find” I say before standing up and storming out of the dark house once more


I feel the icy wind batter my back as I walk further down the alley way a knife wedged in my hand and down by my side in case of anyone attacking me I don’t take to well to people randomly attacking me in the middle of a strange alley wat at ten at night

I tracked Natasha’s phone to here

I let out a shaky and frosty breath as I walk further away from the yellow glow of the streetlights hanging above the road. I quickly pick up the pace when I hear crystal but what makes it even worse is that I know it is Natasha’s crying

“Tasha!” I whisper scream as I crouch down in front of her petrified shaking frame

“I’m so sorry” She cries into my chest and I shush her

“Shush your okay your fine are you cold?” I ask her when I notice her teeth begin to chatter

Natasha nods weakly and I hook my arm through hers before pulling her up to her feet but as she is quite unstable she falls to the side a little and into my chest, so many questions swirl through my brain because sometimes has managed to knock my twin off of her feet pretty badly and I know that she can take care of herself

As the grinding of her teeth gets louder I snap out of my thoughts and realise that I still haven’t done anything about warming her up so I click my fingers and that instantly causes a sigh to come from her nearly blue lips

“T-Thanks” she stutters from cold “you know I’m sorry right?”

“Don’t mention it” I smile showing her that she is forgiven “Now let’s get you home”

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