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12 | An Awkward Silence

The room fell silent and everyone snuck awkward glances at everyone else some — namely Natasha have more of a fear swirling around her eyes as well as the awkward glances she shares with the rest of us in the room

Dads face is as hard as stone but his eyes look as soft as silk and it’s weird to see him so calm in the eyes because I’m normally met with blank stares or stormy eyes. Uncle Sam’s face is full of regret and I know what its like because his expression mirrors my own

I wasn’t quick enough

This is all my fault, I can see it as clear as day in my dads face as he turns towards me but he knew I was visting mom and I couldnt help it maybe I could have controlled my powers a little better at least have enough control over them so that Samuels face wasnt sporting a nice burn to the right of his cheek right now but even if I could have controlled my powers I wouldnt have been able to get to Natasha but still I cant help but tell myself that this is all my fault

If I had just been quick enough then maybe --

But my thoughts are cut off when I hear the hiccups subside and Natasha speaking with a slight tremor to her voice which isnt normal for her and only a few things can make her like this so naturally I fear the worst before she has even said anything to us

“He’s back” Those two simple words can cause someone’s life to change maybe for the better or for the worst but for us and for me -- especially for me -- it is for the worst out of everything that my twin could have said to me I didn’t expect that although I probably should have done he was ruthless the last time, why did I get so comfy ? Why did I think I was safe now that I was in America? Why didn’t I think he would find me again and this time enjoy the pleasure of torturing me?

My hands start to shake and I feel slightly lightheaded as I grip onto the table for support before taking deep breathes to try and calm myself down before I end up bursting into tears. Suddenly I shiver my body feeling as cold as ice but it was warm just a second ago

Just like that I can feel ice shoot through my veins but not completely come out of my hand it was like frozen in my veins and I hate the fact that I can’t do anything because I’m scared that if I do something to stop the ice in my veins something bad could happen and my veins could explode I’m not sure if it will or wont because in the 17 years that I have had my powers I have never known the full extent of them.

It feels like I have water in my ears because my head begins to buzz and I can’t really tell what’s happening once again it feels like my mind is disconnected to my body

“Whats happening!? Her eyes have turned blue” Natasha

“Samuel where are you going we need to help her” Dad

“I didn’t get this burn from a hot cloth I got it from her” Uncle Sam

“What? Something like this has never happened before?!” Dad

“I think it has Dad...” Natasha

The pain in my head got so intense that I had to covered my ears to stop the pounding and ringing in them I also nearly scream in pain not being able to take it anymore but I chew on my lip to stop me from doing so and I sway slightly to the right before I hear a voice call “Emersyn!” and before everything goes to black

But before I descend completely into darkness I here his voices slimy whisper “Come baby come to the garden. The garden of Eden”


I’m woke by the sound of my name being called by someone followed by “Can you hear me?” and then followed by a douse of ice cold water soaking me causing me to gasp for air and my eyes fling open like they were pulled open by an elastic band

I gasp again taking a few deep and long breaths before pulling myself up using my elbows my head is still pounding and my body still has a tingly feeling in them but at least the pain isn’t as bad this time

Still though when I let my eyes trail over the three people in the room I wish the pain was so bad that I passed out again solely because of their looks they look like they could melt me into a puddle of ash

“First question: Are you okay?” My dad barks at me and if I wasn’t used to it by now I probably would have pissed myself however I was and no matter how guarded my father made his eyes — void of emotion — I could still see the nervousness in his face — the way his jaw twitched with every second that I remained silent — my mother taught me how to read the most stoic and guarded people said it would come in handy one day

She was right

I took a moment to think about it mentally no I wasn’t but physically yes I was and I talked myself into believing that dad was only talking about physically so I nod my head praying that this isn’t going to go the way I’m thinking it will

It seems like my prayers were answered

With a conflicted look over his face my dad swept a single hand through his unruly blond hair before giving me an answer “Good now go rest you’re probably feeling drained and when you’ve had sleep then we will talk”

I need to come up with a lie by morning ...

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