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13 | No Rest For the Wicked

Despite my father telling me I should get some rest because of what happened with my powers as soon as my head hit the pillow I found myself wide awake and no longer drained of energy as I tossed and turned throughout the night. In fact I was still staring at my ceiling at well past 3am this morning

If sleep managed to worm its way through my closed eyes it wasn’t for long because as soon as the lake dream sequence had flashed through my eyes they would fling open again now more awake than ever

So when morning came and the annoying sound of my alarm rang out all around the quiet room I was exhausted and not only mentally drained but physically as well the last thing I wanted to do was go to school especially if he was watching me or even worse maybe he was waiting for me

Surprisingly not even five minutes later I find myself slipping out of my duvet and standing up to get ready for the day ahead. As I walk into the bathroom I hear my sisters light snoring and decide to leave her be knowing that she won’t be going into school today as my dad said to her last night as soon as he saw the state she was in

This morning getting ready felt more harder than it has ever before I don’t know whether it was because I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach which was making me feel sickly that something was going to go quite wrong today or because of how tired I was either way it felt like a task and a half getting myself ready

When I’m finished pulling on my oversized jumper and track pants because I was feeling lazy and tired so I didn’t go over the top I stand in front of the long length mirror hanging against the back wall ready to do my knotted and birds nest of a hair done when I see the state of my face -- more particularly my eyes -- and the way they are similar to ones of a panda dark circles were smudged over my eyes and I resist the urge to groan out loud as I made my way into our en-suite and grab some makeup from Natasha’s travel bag since I was running low and I knew that Natasha wouldn’t need it

Going back over to the mirror I smear foundation onto my face focusing on my eyes more than my actual face but I do cover some of my spots and breakouts before putting on some eyeliner to make my eyes seem more awake but that is all I do since I dont usually wear thick makeup because it feels too uncomfortable

I finish up with my makeup and move to check the time on my phone, 7:45, I really needed to get a move on if I didn’t want to be late so with one more quick glance in the mirror I pack up the make up before leaving the travel bag before dumping it in front of the mirror hoping that Natasha would pick it up when she woke up

Grabbing my rucksack I fling it over my shoulder before I run out the door


All eyes are on me

As I walk into school which is weird since I’m basically a nerd at this school and the rule of being in this school and any other school that I’ve been in is that you ignore the nerd or nerds unless you want to pick on the nerd so to have everyone’s eyes on me is kind of unnerving and leaves me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach

What if they have figured out my secret?

I duck my head down low and tug my sleeve of my jumper in mock embarrassment when all I want to do is glare and scream at them all but I dont think that will go very well because if I ended up doing that people would question my nerdy façade

What I do next I know is risky but I cant help it I look up into the crowd and that’s when I see his face

Once my eyes find his, his haunting brown eyes have no trouble finding mine and I feel panic pushing down at my spine like a heavy weight that I cant lift and it makes me feel so nervous my hands are shaking so much and my heart has dropped to my stomach and I know he notices because he always does

Although I know that he knows that I’ve know he’s there I continue walking down the hallway -- past him -- and to my locker where I stuff my books and bag in but before I could do anything else a hand clamped around my shoulder squeezing tightly and I knew who it was even before he spun me around harshly and led me outside to where the kitchen dumpsters were

And I wanted to run but I felt my legs turn to jelly as soon as he touched me

He puts his hands on my hips and pulls me into his chest before whispering in my ear with that voice I used to love but now makes me feel sick to my stomach “Hey baby are you excited to see me? I’ve missed you and I want me to show me your powers because I know they have grown since Watford because if they didn’t you wouldn’t be able to here my beautiful voice”

I try to twist and turn out of his grasp but he holds on tighter

“Go to hell Ryder I’m never showing you my powers again!” I spit on his polished shoes

“Oh but babe you might want to reconsider that and I’ll give you 10 seconds to do as much” His voice is as blunt as a butter knife but his words I swear could cut diamond with how sharp they were and just as I’m about to tell him to not so kindly “Go away” I feel a heavy object being thrown at my skull and blood dripping down my head before I black out

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