Nerd(s) can Fight Back

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14 | Wake Up and Fight Back

Heart thumping and the sound of faint chatter is the first thing I hear when I wake

"Are you sure you didn't see anything?" I hear a faint voice whisper but it grows louder as the person gets to the end of the sentence and I can feel my senses go into overdrive but I'm still finding it hard to open my eyes

"Yes I'm sure I was waiting for her but she didn't show and so I went looking for her when I saw her at the back of school where the keep the kitchen waste and she kept jerking up and down like she was having some sort of seizure" A familiar voice replies back

Seizure? I don't remember having a seizure all I remember is falling I don't even know how and then these voices, oh wait I do remember now having a weird dream; the one of the lake after my head hit the ground

"Has she had any past seizures that you know of?" The voice asks another question and the way she speaks is quite empathic and concerned but it also laced with authority and firmness and I'm not sure who it is as that voice seems vaguely familiar but I don't know where from

"No, not that I know of but I don't think I could even ask another person because this one here chooses to be a loner" The familiar voice says and my stomach starts doing flips has Ryder shared my secret already

"Alright, I have to go but come and get me if she wakes up" The other voice says and for a minute or two its quiet before I hear the faint clatter of shoes against the tiled floor

I know that I probably should try and open my eyes now so I try again and at first I thought that my eyes were not opening because of my fall but slowly they begin to peel open and I'm met with a bright light staring into my eyes so I quickly shut them again

A moment later I re-open my eyes having gotten used to the light

"Dont try to get up" The voice says and now that my eyes are open I can tell the voice belongs to Colton but what the hell was he doing here? It took me a moment or two before the pieces of the conversation click together in my head and what Ryder did to me

"Mhmm" I mumble and I think he knows that I wasn't going to try to get up anytime soon because not only do I probably have a really bad concussion but I'm also really drained like I've been using my powers for the time I was knocked out

"So do you remember anything?" Colton asks after a few seconds and I lie and shake my head even though I do know what happens however I cant tell him because if I did then I would most likely have to explain the whole story of why I moved back to America from England and I'm never going to do that "That's understandable" He nods buying my lie "You hit your head pretty hard"

"Mhmm" I mumble once again

"You wait here" The idiot says like I was going to move somewhere "I'm going to get the nurse I'll be back" He explains making me sit slightly up on my elbows and look at him as he goes towards the door and just before he wanders off

"Thank you for you know not letting me bleed to death" I shout

He doesn't say anything and continues walking in whatever direction the nurse went to go find her and tell her that I was awake. Finally alone I lie back down and let the images of what happened before I passed out run through my mind

One things for sure; Ryder's back and he knows how to get to me and my family

Suddenly the door opens again and thinking that it's Colton I prop myself back into my half sitting position "Took you --" I start but I freeze mid - sentence when I realise that it is not Colton and indeed someone that I very much would like to send to hell

"Well babe, I would have found you sooner but your dad is smart and covered your tracks pretty well so it took me longer to find you but no matter I'm here now and that's all that matters right? That we're together" The slimy voice says and if he had said that to me a year ago I would have melted with how smooth his voice sounds but now I just want to run away at even the thought of hearing that voice again "That's what you wanted right 'For me to never leave you' and well I'm heart broken that you were the one that left me"

I cringe at the words I had used just six months ago I was naïve them and probably still am now but I'm not going to make the same mistake again "They tried to kill me Ryder" I hissed "And you were the one that tipped them off"

"Yeah I was but babe I'm sorry I've changed and we can start a new life here together" That was all it took for me to sit up and throw myself into his arms, yeah no I'm kidding I dont buy his bullshit I bought it enough times in the past year already to know what it smells like but I have to play along if I want to beat him at his own game and see what that bastard is planning

"I love that idea and I've missed you so, so much" I fake smile making it seem genuine as I went to hug the person who made my family travel across the ocean and go into hiding as a plan was swirling and formulating what I had to do in my head

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