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15 | Plot Thickens

It's been a week of me being all kissy and cuddly towards Ryder and I thought that by now I might've found out something about him but I haven't he hasn't let one thing slip and even though its infuriating for myself I must applaud the bastard because by now I thought he would've told me something to do with why he was here but he hasn't

He's probably had the 'if you fuck up again, a bullet goes straight through your skull speech' which is always fun

Hands snake their way around my waist making me stomach churn and twist in disgust and his voice drips with faux sweetness as he drops his head to my ear and whispers "What are you thinking about baby doll?"

I spun around in his arms trying not to squirm away as his hands rake up and down my back "Nothing for you to worry about baby" I say as sweet as I could batting my eyelashes up at him in hopes that it might just distract the monster long enough that he doesn't notice the bitterness laced deep within my sweet as honey tone

"If your sure" He whispers again sending unpleasant shivers down my spine and I could only hope that Ryder wouldn't be able to tell the difference from a pleasant shiver and what was not one "Now unfortunately Ems we have to get going to school although I know you wish we didn't because think of all the nice things I could do to you on my bed"

To be honest Ryder I think you mean perverted but whatever floats your boat

I nod at him trying my best not to look as disgusted as I think I do due to his last comment and follow him to his door. For the past week I had been living in Ryder's crappy apartment with no opportunity to go home or even speak to them about Ryder being back in my life because he is always hovering over me wanting to touch me and wanting me to sleep with him so it is near impossible to get a moments peace

However, thanks to the charity or my lovely boyfriend (note the sarcasm) he did allow me five minutes after the incident of Wednesday to go and get my stuff from my house and unfortunately for me Dad had been let out of work early meaning he was home and I dont want to think about it anymore so I wont tell you how angry my Dad looked when Ryder showed up with me attached to his arm at the porch I dont know how Dad managed to contain himself from putting a dagger into his chest for hurting not only one of his daughters but both of them. It is even harder therefor for me to tell you the look of defeat and betrayal that I saw on both my sisters face and my dads face when I walked out with that same man without so much of an explanation although I figured I would be back home within a few days having got the information needed but I'm not

So lets hope today I get to go home


Walking into school that day was like I was a child anxious to start her first day of school that was the only thing that I could think of in that moment that describes what I'm feeling. I reach out and grab Ryder's hand -- the only source of comfort I had at the moment -- it wasn't much, if anything at all but I needed it with everything in my life crumbling around me Ryder was the only that as left standing even if he was only in my life so he could destroy me in the most painful way possible

I felt like all eyes were on me again -- even though I knew they weren't they were looking at Ryder -- nobody was really looking at me the nerd they were all looking past me and for one I felt a sense of relief that I wasn't the centre of attention and all eyes weren't glued to me

All except one pair

Her pale blue eyes narrowed into paper slits as she looked at Ryder then to me then back to our intertwined hands from across the hallway and I wanted nothing more than to break free of Ryder's grasp and run to me sister wrapping my arms around her and holding her tight as I cry onto her shoulder apologising over and over for the bitch I have become lately

But as much as I wanted too and believe me I wanted to, I couldn't

I had worked too long and too hard for my plan not to work now I have also burnt one to many times the bridges of the people I love and I know it might be too late for me to try and salvage what I had left of the building materials and start repairing the relationships but I was damn going to try and even though it may have not seemed like it

This was the first step

I had to try and bring down the people that turned my families into runners that have both physically and mentally hurt my sister and I probably for the rest of lives and the last person who I was going to bring down was the person who tried to fucking kill me and take away my powers -- the thing that makes me.

And I was going to do all of that even if it killed me

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