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16 | He’s Got me Up against the Wall

Hot sloppy kisses trail down my neck I know he thinks I'm enjoying this but I'm really not but I can't exactly push him off of me and tell him that I find making out with him makes me want to throw up in my mouth in fact being anywhere with in ten meters of him makes my skin crawl I hear a moan come from the back of Ryders throat -- low and deep -- and I know if it was anyone but Ryder that I was making out with I would be enjoying then he rips his shirt apart making the buttons fly all over the place as he pushes my back harder against the wall making pain spread throughout my back and I wince but he's to busy to know that he's hurting me

He attaches his lips to mine again and it takes everything in me not to throw up into his mouth in disgust, okay, maybe I'm overacting a little but he definitely leaves goose bumps trailing up my body and not in the good way

Ryder pulls back confusion written on his features as he and I both realise that I wasn't kissing back so with much reluctance and a strong stomach I snake my arms around his neck and drag his lips back to mine

"You're so good" Ryder mummers against my earlobe as he nicks it and I try not to show how much he is actually hurting me right now because if I do he might get angry and an angry Ryder is someone who you definitely dont want to cross "I love you"

I freeze like literally freeze I cant move my limbs and it's like someone has put a weight onto my tongue so I cant speak, my stomach churns and I feel like I want to throw up but through all of that I manage to utter the words that I didn't think I would say to anyone until I was sure I was going to spend the rest of my life with them or at least someone who wasn't as much of a sleezebag "I love you" I say not meaning the words

Attacking me again with his lips, he picked me up without breaking our contact even though I really wish he did before throwing me on his bed making me scream but before it got too loud he covered my mouth with his not giving me time to even breathe

Taking a break from attacking my lips he moves down the collarbone of my neck to where my chest area starts and goose bumps raise on my skin and Ryder pulls back and smirks thinking that the goose bumps on my skin was part of his 'crafty' work well it was just not in they way that he though

The rest of what happened was a blur I tuned out when I knew my bra was being ripped from my body and I try not to sob as I felt myself come undone as I felt Ryders fingers inside of me


I wake up in the morning feeling like shit my whole body is sore and I generally just feel like crap and as I start to remember the hazy pieces of what happened last night tears spill from my eyes as I silently sob remembering that is how I fell to sleep last night

"Good morning baby, I had a great time last night" His smirk made me feel sick and after last night I really need to throw up so I just nod before sitting up and running over to the bathroom I didn't even make it to the toilet I made it as far as the sink before I threw up my dinner from last night splattering all over the sides

Seconds later I heard footsteps and a hand rub circles on my back wich made my throw up even more but I think Ryder just thought it was a bug and that I was sick so with much reluctance I let him help me into bed

"I've got to go to school but I'm sure you'll be alright, I will text you at lunch and if you need me I'll be back home and lunch if you need me" Ryder says kissing my forehead lightly and I nod weakly from behind the covers

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