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17 | Now I have to Run

When I heard the door click shut and I had waited five minutes to make sure that Ryder had actually gone to school I slipped out of bed knowing I could use these couple of hours to talk to my father and tell him about my plan

I just hope he isn't to mad

In about five minutes I'm fully charged and ready to leave the house and with an energy bar in hand I force myself to eat it to keep down the churning ways in my stomach because what made me sick may be out of the house but his aftershave and smell isn't and I think that what makes it worse

I grab my phone off the docking station and shakily dial dads number as I walk down the street pulling my demine jacket over my body quickly I put the phone to my ear and it rings and rings and rings but the thing goes to voicemail so I sigh and croak through tears "Hi Dad its me Emersyn and I know you are probably really mad at me right now for leaving y-you and N-Nat but I had my reasons I wanted to know what Ryder was doing back in town --"

My legs are knocked out from underneath me suddenly and I go flying across the footpath meters in the air I cant see who knocked into me right now but I know that it wasn't an accident from the amount of force they put into knocking me down


My head hits the ground with a heavy thud and when I look up I see one person walking towards me a pissed off look that spreads across his face like wildfire I scramble up to my feet and blink and suddenly there are two people walking along side one another gaining ground on me and leave the same expression plastered on their faces I blink again and the two of them seem to multiply out into four and as they get closer three out of the four look heart beating goose bump raising familiar and it makes my chest ache

One of the men is Ryder

"You bitch" He screams when he gets close enough for me to here "You said you loved me and all this time you were using me for information, did last night meaning nothing to you" By the time he had finished he was crouched down and was spitting in my face the every other word

"No, no Ryder you got it all wrong I was just telling my dad that so he doesn't bring the cops into it and they knock onto our door because trust me when I say I know be both hate the fuzz" I say trying to keep my voice steady so Ryder and the other guys couldn't tell I was lying but my voice quavered in the middle letting me down


He then proceeds to kick me hard -- in my side -- making me cry out in pain and make me collapse onto the floor again and then I feel power flow through my veins and I know it cant be good because I can never ever show my powers in public that was the one thing that my Dad drilled into my brain day after day he always said that I would put myself and my family in danger but if I dont something could happen and I could be killed I dont want to die I'm scared and I dont think I can hold in my powers any longer

With a flick of my wrist fire shoots out of one hand and ice shoots out of the other making the group of guys scream and run away from the burning fire that nicked and burned Trevor's shoulder and Ryders face

The ice had the same impact impaling the skin on the hand of Declan and the pierced the stomach of Adam and I could see the blood covering their hands staining them red as they run away from me screaming that the girl down the street is a crazy bitch

I knew people had seen but I didn't care well that was a big fat lie I did so I needed to get away

I knew that Ryder wasn't stupid enough to go back to the apartment so I knew it was safe to go back there just to pack up all my stuff and my money before I leave this motherfucking town I told Dad when we left England it didn't matter where we went because they would find me -- they would find us all but he said they wont I was safe and I could start anew

Well I did start anew and now I'm in shit

Running away was the safest option for me and to keep everyone safe and running away was the best way to do that because I knew if Ryder ever caught me he would haul my ass to the FBI and I knew they would do tests on me and how my powers work when I dont have a clue how they work myself so how would they? Even though I would never let them strip me down and take my powers

So I'm taking my baggage and running away so that nobody else has to carry my baggage and nobody else has to be hurt by the stupid mistakes I have made in the past, this pat year especially and lets be honest I'm probably going to find some way to fuck up in the future too

So I'm leaving, I dont want to, but have to

And I dont want to look back, I cant, that would leave me in pieces broken into glass like I'm a little glass doll that has been knocked off the table one to many times and each time I'm placed by together a piece of the glass doesn't fit so I'm not whole

So I'm going to the fakest glass town I know New York

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