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18 | Somebody Else

I hopped off the train and onto the station instantly being met by a crowd of thoundsands and I knew instantly that it would be easy to blend in and hide for the time being but I dont know about the long term however I knew they wouldnt stop searching until they find me

I knew that much and it honestly scared me

Goddamnit I was just a seventeen year old girl how did I get myself in a mess? Oh yeah because I was experimented on as a baby and was given powers that I didn't ask for -- didn't want -- and powers that I somehow have to control but have no idea on how to do such a thing

I wasn't allowed to be me anymore if I wanted to stop running

I had to become somebody else

Was that really the one thing that it came down to? Yes it was, dont get me wrong I didn't want it to be that way I really didn't just want to up and come a new person all together with a new name address and facial features but that was what it came down to it was what I had to do in order to protect those close to me

At the end of the platform I reach a padlocked gate and put my foot in the bars before beginning to climb over the gate when I reach the top of it I swing my leg over and start to climb down the other side my backpack hitting my thighs as I climb down hitting the pavement with my shoes

"Get back here you know your not supposed do that!" Someone shouts at me in the distance and as soon as those words made there way to my ears I dont think I just run and keep running until I cant feel my legs because I've run so much

I somehow end up in an alleyway and I lean against a back wall placing my hands over my knees as I try to catch my breath, you may think that because I'm the daughter of the two most famous gang leaders in the world that I might have some athletic ability but alas that is not true as I can barely do a jog without somehow feeling lightheaded

Once I caught my breath I wander back out of the alleyway and walk across the street it is just my luck that ahead of me is a salon I walk in and am greeted by the heat hitting my back and relaxing my near frozen muscles to be honest I had no idea how cold it was until I stepped inside

"Hi, how can I help you?" An elderly woman asks stepping out from some back room

"Hello, is it possible to get some layers in my hair as well as get it fully died" I ask hoping it was because I really needed to get it done but I couldn't spend all day walking around New York like this someone could recognise me and that could somehow get back to Ryder and I cant have that

"Yes it is dear but are you sure you have that kind of money?" She asks and when I nod she smiles "Take a seat I'll be with you in a moment"


Six and a half hours later I looked like somebody else, I wasn't Emersyn anymore and instead I was just a girl, a girl with curly brown hair that was only slightly shorter than it was previous and was pulled up into a half bun and even though nothing else was done to my appearance I looked like a whole new person

"Grandma where should I put the towels?" A voice calls faintly and in response I see Margo roll her eyes before replying to her grandson in a bored tone. Honest to God I have never met an older lady with as much sass as dear ole Margo

Suddenly a head pops out of the back room of the salon and I freeze my heart now up in my throat at the sight of the familiar face, not at all liking the way he's checking me out not in a I think your attractive kind of way but the don't I know you from somewhere way

Time to see if my new hair cut worked

"Hey you what's your name?" He asks me taking a step toward me and by instinct I take a step back trying to create as much distance between us as I did

I try and rack my brain to think of a name that I could give him as I have previously told him my names Ember that wont work and since he insists on calling me Emma that name wont work either so I have to think of a new one "Ellie" I finally told him

"Ellie..." He mummers under his breath as he continues to look at me like I reminded him of someone and I knew who it was that I reminded him of it was myself because like I've said except my hair I have had nothing done to change the way I look "I'm sorry it's just you remind me of someone who goes to my school" He adds on and I nod

"I get that a lot" I tell him

He nods unconvinced and gives me a small smile in return and says "Well El I'm sure you've got places to be so I wont keep you by the way my name is Colton Greene" He says and I nod slowly turning and walking away from the boy but I couldn't help the smile that spreads across my face almost splitting it in two and why when he gave me the name El did a sick feeling appear in my stomach? I wasn't sure

But I knew one thing I needed to be careful around the infamous Bad Boy Colton Greene

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