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01 | Watery Anger

The view of the lake was pretty

I was standing just at the edge of the horseshoe shaped lake with my toes peeking off of the lushious green grass surrounding the lake when suddenly the water started swirling and gurgling in the middle

Soon though the gurgling noise got louder as more ripples came out towards the edge of the lake to where I was standing and then suddenly in a flash of bright white water spouted out of the middle of the lake and attempted to grab me

But I couldn’t move

So the water took me in the water and every time I tried to thrash it would do no good I would just always end up in the murky waters below the lake --

Cold water surrounded me as I bolted upright in my bed and it didnt take me long to realise what had happened all I needed to do was glance up at the smirking red headed she-devil who was holding a bucket to get my answer of what she had done

I shot her a muderous glance but that only made her smirk grow frustraingly wider and in the split second that it took for me to peel off my now soaking duvet the she-devil had already made a run for it hoping that like every morning dad would take her side and stop myself from gouging her pretty little eyes out

Charging down the stairs I let out a frustrated yell as I skip the stairs two at a time every morning the little git gets away with waking me up like that because she is considered “daddy’s little angel” and she could get away with murder honestly

“Natasha!” I shout at her and she reels around to look at me fear flashing in her pale watery blue eyes before she runs for cover behind her human shield that always seems to protect her -- our dad

I feel the energy pulsing through my veins getting stronger as it reaches the palm of my hand and just before I go to douse my sister in icy cold water like she did with me her little saviour steps in and once again saves her petite ass

“Now now children I do not want this house to be burnt to crisp like our house back in England would you quieten down you’re going to wake up your Uncle Sam now go get dressed your going to be late for school if you don’t get going” Dad says firmly before adding in “and don’t forget we have to visit your mother after school today”

My feet dragged along the gravel of the parking lot scuffing my already scuffed sneakers I hated school and not just because I have been swamped with work since the beginning of my senior year but I also have to pretend to be something I’m not

To protect myself those around me and my family

“Come on Emmy we have to go otherwise we’re going to be late.” A chirpy Natasha says although I don’t quite get why she can be so chirpy and put on the all-is-fine-in-the-world act especially since I know that she hates just as much as I do maybe even more to pretend to be something that she is not

“I don’t wanna” I whine but soon I find myself being dragged into the place of hell by my sister who marches into school with her head held high and her chunky glasses lopsided on her narrow head she seems to be taking the teasing and the name calling a hell of a lot better than I am but I notice the subtle twitches of her upper lip in annoyance and the way her arm curls tightly around my arm the further she drags me into school however despite her annoyance the smile never once fades from her lips and that is why Natasha is better at hiding in plain sight than me also being able to bite her lip might have something to do with it as well

Natasha glanced over her shoulder and narrowed her eyes so that it didn’t look so much suspicious but she knew that I knew that if I said another word she would literally beat me up without batting an eyelid

I stop next to the painted blue door that has 302 painted on it and smile at Natasha “let’s get through this hellish day and then we can go see our mom” I say to her and she smiles back at me but it doesn’t quite reach her eyes

“Yeah bye” She says ducking her head down bit I know it’s part part of her nerdy facade leaving me standing alone outside of room 302

Because it was safer and a lot more easier to cover up if someone was to get suspicious of us our dad requested to the school that they put us in different form groups and our dad illegally changed Natasha’s last name on the school records so she can’t be traced back to me and because we don’t look identical and because of Natasha’s changed last name on the school records nobody has been able to trace us back to one another

I walk as slowly as I can into room 302 and when I make it in there all heads turn to me in disbelief that one of the nerds in the school was actually a second late and the teacher a greying old man looked up from behind his computer and studied me in a way that made the hairs on the back of my neck raise

“Miss Maddox would you please do everyone the favour of explaining why you were two minutes late?” He barks arching an eyebrow and smiling in a way that showed his two from golden teeth

“and would you please explain why you stole from pirates because they want their gold back” is what I want to say but I cant say that for obvious reasons but I cant figure out why everyone’s eyes are bulging

“Detention” The teacher barks and that’s when I realise my mistake

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