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19 | Find Me

By next morning when the sun shone through the drafty thin curtains that framed the bedroom of the apartment I had managed to find for only $1500 granted it was kind of small and crappy and some of the rooms had a strong smell of mould which would explain as to why the landlord gave me a cheap deal but it was at least somewhere that I could call home anyway the smile hadn't faded from my face

Neither had the butterflies dissolved from my stomach

I throw my duvet off me and prop myself up on my elbows before blinking a few times in an attempt to get the eye matter out of my eyes and swing my legs over the side of the bed stumbling a little as I tried to regain my balance

Finding the bathroom in the small apartment was easy enough after all the apartment was laid out in one long square so I only had to walk about twenty steps in order to get around the whole place

Switching the light on it came alive with a soft hum that hadn't quite been registered annoying to me just yet but I'm sure in a few days I'll be wanting to smash the light out by using a jackhammer...And for those of you that think I didn't bring a jackhammer to New York with me then you my friends are wrong

I walk further into the bathroom and almost completely missed the writing on the mirror if I didn't need to tie my hair up into a messy bun so it wouldnt get in my face and mouth however when I locked eyes with the mirror my whole body froze and my hands stopped mid tie of the elastic band as my heart picked up pace hammering in my chest and what felt like a hurtful and abnormal rate

You can try to run babe, but I will always find you xox

The messsage was written in a hurried mad scrawl in blackspray paint across the mirror and I couldnt stop the terrified tears leaking from my eyes and cascading down my cheeks I didnt need to think about who left the message I instanly know who it is from, the message said it itself. I was just petrified at thought that he was in my house and I was too far out of the world to even notice

It felt like hours that I stood there -- not moving because I was too scared

Eventually though I manage to get out of my petrified state and the first thing I did was punch the mirror hard so it smashed into a million tiny pieces shards of glass fell to floor like rain but I didnt look to see if any cuts had made their way into my body and I just turned and ran out of the bathroom and shrugged my coat on before running out my apartment

Skipping the stairs two at a time I run down the stairs in an attempt to quickly get out out the building which just happens to feel like the walls were closing in and if I didnt get out the walls would squash me like a little defeated beetle

I ran out into the streets and down the road luckily the SunnySide Salon wasnt far from my apartment and I was taking a gamble that Colton was actually there today but as he was the only person I knew in New York I would have to take that gamble

When I arrived at the Sunshine Salon I was a panting mess, panting like some kind of dehydrated dog I pushed open the door and went inside being instantly met with that enhancing warmth that made me feel better almost instantly

"Hello dear I wasnt expecting you today, would you like a--" Margo started but I cut her off

"No, no I'm fine but I was wondering can I find Colton here?" I ask in one big breath truly at a loss of what to do if Margo says he wasn't here today but luckily a few seconds later she is calling into the backroom for Colton

"Hello El I didnt think I would be see you again!" Colton says with a grin

"I need your help Colton" I admit and instantly the grin slipped from his face

"What's wrong Ellie?!" Colton asks frantically and I shake my head

"They could be following I'll explain on the way" I say to him already grabbing the door handle

Colton looks to Margo for approval to go with me and she slowly nods still unsure about whats about to happen Colton gestures for me to stay where I am and ran to the backroom probably to get something

Suddenly the door of the salon crashed open again and in walked Ryder along with Declan Adam and Ian and I freeze not only because of Ryder and his gang of muscles but because of what Ryder held shakily in his grasp -- a gun

As soon as I snap out of my trance "Please dont do this Ry you're many things but you aren't a killer " I beg my voice quavering in the middle

"You left me no choice Emersyn" He replied as equally as shaky as I spoke

What happened next happened so fast that if I blinked I would have missed it, the sound of a gunshot rippled through the air making me duck down on instinct and when I look up again the lifeless body of Margo Greene is splayed out on the floor blood seeping like a river from the middle of her chest

Ryder stood there for a while his hands trembling as he stared into the open eyes of the old lady blood covered the tips of his hands and I knew he was scared after all he had just murdered someone but that didnt matter not now I needed them to get away from me so that I could breathe so with an practiced flick of my wrist I sent water flying out of my wrist and that knocked Ryder and the rest of them back and through the window onto the streets

I spun round and instantly wished I handed there stood Colton his mouth slightly ajar confusion despair and anger swirled in hs green eyes making them darker as he glanced from his grandma to I before back to me again "Mind telling me who the hell you are and why me grandma's dead" his voice was low a mere whisper

"My name's Emersyn Maddox and I am one of the daughters of the two most feared gang leaders" I say before adding "I also have control of the four elements but they drain me and make me tired when I use them"

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