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20 | Hideout and Conversationa

We were on the run

After Colton realised it was no longer safe for him to stay at the salon with his grandmother dead and they would probably come after me next so we needed a place to hide and lay low for a bit until Ryder, Adam, Ian and Declan all go fed up of looking for me and hauled their asses back to Cali

At least that was what I hoped they planned on doing

"So you just happen to have powers?" Colton asks and I nearly stumbled on my step in shock. This is the first sentence he has said to me (the only other time he has spoke to me is to tell me what time it is and how far it is until we get there) since we packed up our bags and went on the run and we were near our destination now according to Colton

I nod and say to him "Yup had powers ever since I was a baby even though I wasnt born with them" when Colton's face read one of confusion I elaborated "Mom said I was kidnapped taken and experimented on by one of her rival gangs before Dad rescued me and shot the guy who experimented on me and I spent 16 years concealing my powers and only my sister and my family knew until I got too close to one guy -- that guy was Ryder"

"So what happed from there?"

"Well like stupid teenagers do I fell to fast and too hard for Ryder and I thought he was going to be my forever but it turned out he was anything but that. It started out with a couple of make out sessions here and there nothing serious but then I started to fall for him only I didnt know he was on a mission -- a mission to kill me" I said shivering at the memory

Colton made a gesture for me to continue

"It was a few months after I started to get serious with him that I noted a change in his normal sweet and charming personality " When I said this Colton scoffed at my choice of words and I rolled my eyes "He was at first I guess but then he started getting really like overly protective of me and also really secretive of his calls like he would go out the room when somebody called even if it was just to say hello to his Mom and I had my suspicions at the time that it wasnt -- and one day my feelings were proved to be correct"

Sympathy filled the bad boy's eyes and I was forced to look down

"We had fallen asleep on the sofa one time after watching a movie, his arm wrapped around my waist tightly like he was trying to keep me in place as if he was scared of me going somewhere in the middle of the night anyway I woke up to the sound of a cell buzzing (I'm a light sleeper) and I took a look at it and nearly smashed the phone because I dropped it in surprise and shock I can remember so clearly what it said: You can kill the girl now I have her DNA and I guess the drop of the phone to the floor finally woke up Ryder because the next thing I knew haunting, stormy eyes were burning into my own "

Tears filled my eyes making them glisten as I get my self ready to tell him the next part

"Through tears I kept asking him about what the text message said demanding he told me but he just brushed me off saying it didn't matter but I stepped one beg too far and soon Ryder snapped and pulled out a knife from his back pocket and pressed it into the nape of my neck saying he would slit my throat"

Stray tears cascade down my cheeks making Colton stop and wrap me into a hug and feeling too deflated and emotional exhausted too push him away — I cry onto his shoulder all the tears I have held in, in the past year

When my sobs subside into hiccups I wipe my blotchy face with the back of my hand before choking out "I don't know how and I don't know why Ryder let me live when he could have just fucking have had done with me — I mean it would have saved all of this — but he let me go and I staggered back to my family in a state very similar to the one I'm in now and told them them the story needless to say dad was quick to move us back to the states and I started my senior year alongside my twin and became a nerd intent on keeping everything about me and my past a secret" I finish before scoffing and adding in "Obviously I fucked that up as well"

Colton stared at me after he was sure I was finished and his eyes widened a little before they returned back to their original calculating slits and he shook his head "You didn't fuck anything up Em it was me and me alone that did that you did nothing"

"What no--" I start but am stopped by lips coming up so close to mine that all I had to do was tilt my head a fraction of the way and my lips would be met with Colton's and I can't describe to you how tempting that was but unfortunately he pulled back back before I had the chance

"It was I pushed you into answers you just weren't ready to give" he states pushing a hand through his dirty blonde hair and locked eyes with me as he tried to figure me out and for the first time ever I let him

Just then the heavens cracked open and a heavy downpour fell from the overcast dark grey clouds soaking both of us in a matter of a seconds I puff out a breath cursing the weathers timing making Colton chuckle and grab my hand before saying "Let's go were nearly there anyhow" and running through the rain with a goofy grin that made him look like a kid

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