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21 | Meeting The ‘Rents

The rain had thankfully stopped when we arrived at an brick house but that didn't stop Colton or I from looking like drowned rats but that didn't matter I was to in awe of the large brick building situated on a little slope

Even from the outside I could tell it was old from the way some bricks were either missing or faded from the building and also the way it had ivory twisting around its windows making little patterns in the bricks. The windows were boarded up with nails and wood and there seemed to be no life in the house but once upon a time it must have been beautiful

When Colton started opening up a black gate with chips of paint missing here and there that's when I started to question what he was doing, he said he knew of a hideout but I didn't think he meant here for all I knew this place could be -- in fact from what I'm seeing is -- dangerous

"Colt ermm what's going on what are you doing?" I whisper yell

Colton looked at me his sea green eyes swirling with surprise as he looked on before he swung open the gate a little further and gestured for me to follow him in and hesitantly I did follow because I somehow knew he was leading me somewhere safe

He leads me down a side path and to another gate to which he types in a code and holds it open for me before taking me to a yellow painted door in the middle of the house, opening it he waits for me to step in before yelling

"MOM, DAD!!"

I turn to him confused and he just smiles seconds before I hear two sets of footsteps clambering down the stairs completely tuning out what Colton just said my survival instincts kick in and I crouch down taking all my weight on my legs before pulling out my gun from the waistband of my jeans and point it at the base of the stairs

"Whoa, whoa, whoa little missy I ain't going to hurt you" A bloke with thick black cropped hair says to me and although he speaks with a strong New Yorker accent he also had a Texan twang mingled into it, he spoke smoothly commanding attention and his voice was enticing too

"Sorry I've got some bad people after me" I blush

"Oh I know all about that" The women says smiling softly "I used to have a friend in a similar position to the one you're in now I guess somehow drama also seems to intertwine its at into my sodding life" Her blonde hair bonces around her shoulders and her liquid teal eyes sparkle as she lets a laugh escape from her lips

"Yea well these people are dangerous" I state trying not to let my worried tone seep in

"Well I'm sure we can find a way to help" The man says nodding his head slightly "We have dealt with guns and dangerous people before whats one more added to the list?"

"Jacob is right we want to help" The women states with finitary it almost makes me not want to argue with her anymore but I know I could win this fight if I could just make her see my side of the situation

"I dont want to be a burden!" I protest

"Nonsense you are not a burden!" Jacob disagreed looking at the women next to him seemingly having a silent conversation with her. Finally Jacob speaks again "Besides it's our choice in this room we're all adults besides my fingers are just itching to get ahold of my special baby again"

That earned a slap on the back of the head from the woman

"Ahh!! What the fuck Vanessa!?" Jacob shouted rounding on his wife the way he spoke made me nearly jump back in fear if I wasnt used to it with my sister just like my sister Jacob had that sweet and charming personality that makes you instantly like the person and feel like you have know them all your life but if you do anything to screw up or if you get on the wrong side of them then to sum it up you're in deep shit because they can switch to the dark side as fast as someone could switch on a light switch

Jacob seemed almost impressed that I hadn't acted the way he thought that I might've and turned to me arching a slightly greying eyebrow in confusion and I shrugged before speaking "Let me clear this up for you guys real quick I along with my twin sister are the two daughters of the most feared gang leaders in the world Alexia Garcia and Valentine Maddox and when I was a baby I was taken and experimented on and when my dad found me he shot the guy that took me in the chest and killed him now the son of that person has hunted me down from England and followed me here and basically wont stop until he kills me"

Vanessa and Jacob's mouths drop in sync as the stared at me with wide eyes and croak out "Anything else?"

"Oh yeah I also have powers" I say as I make fire nearly engulf my arm and make its way up to my shoulder before I use my other hand to spout out water to douse the fire on my arm and as usual a fresh burn mark appears on my arm blistering and ready to form a white scar down it but I may it no mind whereas I can feel Colton's heavy gaze being drawn to my arm like a magnet

"Oh-Kay that is fucking awesome!" Jacob exclaims ever the adult

I look over to Vanessa to see her still gaping at me however she quickly shuts her mouth when she catches my gaze before mumbling under her breath "This is like Jaden's situation except she didnt have freaking powers but I guess they will come in useful somewhere down the line" and then she speaks louder loud enough so everyone could here "Okay we will help you"

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