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22 | Is the Game Plan Passing Out

Sweat dripped from my neck and my forehead and my breathing became more laboured from my intense workout session I have been at it since the sun broke through the clouds and I haven't take a break since because I need to be ready for him I need to be ready for anything

Taking a swig of water from my water bottle I close my eyes for a minute before settling my bottle my bottle back down on the bench I kick the sandbag in front of me before lighting it on fire and after another the seventh sandbag has burnt to ashes, my head starts to spin making the room go all over the place and I quickly squeeze my eyes shut trying to stop the pounding in my head as I stagger back a little

Strong arms wrap around my waist as if to steady myself before he whispers in a husky voice as if he had just woken up from his slumber "Whoa, Whoa steady there are you not sure you should take a break you have been at it since dawn that's right I heard you get up and take a shower before you come down here" Colten says now letting go of my waist and spinning me round so now I'm staring into those concerned sea green orbs of his

"I need to be ready for him" I protest waving my arms about

"Yea but its not going to anyone any good if you pass out from dehydration or exhaustion" He warns me and I know what Colton is saying is right however I cant help but think he doesn't understand the gravity of the situation and how dangerous Ryder really is

"I know you're right however I don't think you understand --" I start

"No!" He snaps harshly cutting me off as he interjects "I think I understand perfectly well who we're dealing with remember we were classmates for about three weeks and you told me the story about how impulsive this bastard can be" His eyes are blazing now similar to the ocean after a big thunderstorms when the waves are choppy and erratic and the storm clouds are brewing black overhead

"Then you understand why I have to keep going" I grunt out as I kick another sandbag that I hung up when I was trying not to stare too deeply into those eyes that seem to put you into a trance

"Do as you please then but please dont come to me when you've passed out" Colton huffs out in frustration and storms out of the room before I could tell him that his sentence didnt make one bit of sense

But instead of yelling after him I turn back to the bag and could instantly feel the heat of the room rise with the stickier and sweat and the more angry I became, yes I can also control the temperature of the room but it is linked to my feelings, I first discovered I could do this when i was eleven and was upset because someone had pushed me over at recess in a classroom just as I was putting away my books away I cried and then got angry making the room heat up accidently I didnt know what had happened or how it did all I knew was that it was linked to my powers

Luckily my sister was a quick thinker and span with the story that the room was haunted

That night at home my sister blurted out to my father about my new found ability with my powers I called her a snitch as my Dad dragged me down the basement along with my sister he quickly made me sit in a chair as he tied ropes around my wrists tying me to the chair and then he left and I cried

It took me until my tears ran out to get the point of the exercise I was supposed to control my emotions, he locked me up in here on purpose to see if I could control and harness any bitter or emotional responses I had to him for locking me in the basement

Quickly I stopped snuffling and dried under my eyes and didnt make a sound learning to control my breathing until it was at a steady rate and an hour later I was rewarded by my Dad chopping through the ropes that bound me to the chair and an eager grin from my sister

From that dad I always try to keep my emotions from spiking

As quickly as night falls upon a winters day that was how fast I started to feel dizzy again and because I had no big strong warm arms to keep my upright this time when I staggered back I crashed right into the bench and hit my head falling to the floor

Please dont pass out

Please dont pass out

Please dont --

I only get half way through me telling myself not to pass out for third time because my eyes get heavy and although I try my hardest to not let them close they do anyway and I'm slowly whisked away into a world of my own subconscious....

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