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24 | Descending into Darkness

My ears ring and my head pounds like someone is repeatedly knocking on the inside of my skull. I felt horrible like I had just fallen a thousand feet into darkness and I kept on falling endlessly no matter what I attempted to do to stop myself.

I couldn't see anything but darkness and strangely I felt at ease, it was weird that I could be staring death right in the eyes and yet I felt nothing but peaceful and calm but the ringing in my ears and not to mention the pounding in my head gave me a clear indication that I was however not dead, not yet at least.

It took twice the effort than it normally does for me to be able to open my eyes, eventually though I managed it and had to blink a few times for my eyes to adjust to the low light in the room. I was propped up against the cold marble wall that when I leaned my head against it eased the pain a little and then when my eyes were fully focused I realised that I was also chained to a broken pipe.

What the hell happened?

I try to remember, but have a hard time getting past the pain in my head to actually remember the events of the day. I do remember being with Colton and telling him the story of how I got my powers and meeting his parents but after that...I'm not sure...all I know for sure is that it can not be good and probably involved Ryder somehow

Just as I suspected seconds later an old nearly rusted shut door creaked open and in walked Ryder his blonde hair covering his dark green eyes that just see, to be that shade darker nowadays, he looked proud as well, proud that he was standing in front of me looking at me like I was some kind of trophy that he had just won and honestly I couldn't blame him this is what Ryder had been after for so long now -- me -- and me being helplessly tied up well, that was just the icing on the overdone cake!

"Well isn't this a turn of the tides?" Ryder chuckles his English accent thick

"Yea well the party hasn't started until I have arrived" I bite back sarcasm flowing through my words

"Well that is true" Ryder's chuckle grew into a full blown laugh and for the first time in months, I see the boy that I fell for just a little over a year ago now and not some psychotic man who has been intent on killing me ever since he found me again in revenge for what my father did to his father when my father was just a child himself

"So what am I doing here?" I ask but not out of fear but genuine curiosity I wanted to see whether he wanted to kill me now (not that I would ever let him do that) or has got a bigger plan one that involves all the bells and whistles

"Ah, ah, ah" Ryder chastised me as if he was scolding a child "You know curiosity killed the cat, you will just have to wait and see." His eyes darken and he looks nearly even more scarier than he did when he first tried to slit my throat


It was hot and I couldn't sleep

I had been tossing and turning all night on the sofa, but of course, my boyfriend who is too much of a deep sleeper, didn't ever stir when I accidently hit him across the face during one of my turns

A buzz sounds from a nearby phone and the light from it streams throughout the room making me close my eyes again for a minute while I snuggle deeper into my boyfriends chest and in a last minute decision I reach my hand across the coffee table and retrieve the phone

*Have u killed the chick yet???*

I accidently drop the phone in response to the text message, and it clatters to the ground, landing face down coaxing Ryder from his deep slumber and I freeze up as he wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me into him closer than I already was

"Good morning" He replys huskily, his hot breath tickling my ear making me flinch away

He noticecd and peered down at me corcern which I know think is fake flashing in his green eyes that is until he notices his phone on the floor and bends over me to pick it up and for a moment all is quiet and I'm deadly terrified

"You bitch!" He suddenly errupts having me flinch back, this as getting more scarier by the second and I wonder how the hell is it that I havent pissed my pants yet? "How many times have I got to tell you to stay the fuck out of my stuff?!" He yells

"What was the text about?" I ask my voice only slightly shaking

"Nothig for you to worry about Emmy" He sighs and runs a hand down his face

"Tell me!" I growl "Tell me right now"

"It's nothing" He obviously lies

"Liar!" I spit out

"Fine" He throws his hands up in deafeat and hods the now cracked screen of his phone in his palms "You really want to know what this is about?" He asks and I hestaintly nod not to sure now but I know that text meant something "I was sent to kill you babe" He mocks his eyes growing darker and once again I freeze

In one swift move a knife is pressed to my throat and I can feel my powers course through my veins but I dont let them out just yet as he snarls "I'll make this quick, shall I?" and when I feel the blood dribble down my neck I let my powers out and suddenly Ryder is on the otherside of the room looking for murder

-End of Flashback-

What have I got myself into?

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