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25 | All the Bells and Whistles

I would like to think I know Ryder well enough to know that he doesn't do anything by halves and when he does something he likes to pull out all the stops -- all the bells and whistles and wont stop until he sees whatever reckless plan he has through

So excuse me if I'm kind of losing hope

Ryder pulled me along and I made it nearly impossible for him to do it easily I had no idea where Ryder was taking me but I knew because of the smirk smirk on his face that it couldn't end well for me

"Left, right, left, right, right, left" I say in a deep voice imitating a military officer in an attempt to take my mind off the doom that was lurking ever so closer for me but I was abruptly and rudely interrupted by Ryder who shoves a knife in the direction of my throat but doesn't press down hard enough for it to do any damage just yet

"Say something annoying again and I'll slit your throat" He growls

I thought about it for a second until I let a smirk cover up any traces of fear I might have still lingering on my face and stop abruptly making me nearly fall over had it not been for Ryder's vice like grip on my upper arm I definitely would have gone down and I would think I would be too weak to pull myself up again

"Awe is little Ry-Ry getting annoyed" I say in a mock baby voice and as soon as the last word left my lips I can feel a sharp pain radiating from the back of my neck and I then feel a sticky liquid dribbling down my neck and at that I freeze before exclaiming "What the fuck?"

"I warned you" Is all he said before dragging me down the dark hallway again

I wanted to reply with another sarcastic comment but I feared that would get me in even more shit with Ryder so I just lower my head and fiddle with my fingers as Ryder continues to drag me to my doom

After what could have been a lifetime Ryder stops in front of a bullet proof metal door and holds me up roughly as he enters some kind of code, my eyes trail lazily over to see if I can see what the code is but alas I cant -- my eyes just wont focus.

He yanks me into place at the middle of the door and I gasp audibly at the sight of the three other people in the room they were all battered and bruised and bloodied and I had to blink a few times to check what I was seeing was actually real it was that bad

I don't know how I manage to choke out "You're a monster" to Ryder

He chuckles but it was different to the soft melodic chuckle that caught my attention all those months ago no this one was dark and malicious and it honestly nearly made me piss my pants "Why thank you"

The next second I hear muffled screams and scraping of a chair and my head snapped to the red headed girl who had a pretty nasty open head wound down the right side of her head, I thought by running away that I would be protecting them by not putting them in any more danger than I had already had but if anything I had put them in even more danger I wanted so desperately to sink to my knees but because of Ryder's rough grip I couldn't

"Why drag them into this?" I cry out "It's me you want isn't it you dont want them, why dont you just kill me now and get it over with?" Hearing myself now -- begging for death just to stop the terrors of my life -- is something I honestly never thought I would do but hey life is shit right now so why not?

"Because sticking a bulletin you're head simply isn't enough" Ryder shoots back coolly "Whereas watching the people you love slowly loose their lives now that kills you ten times over and its the best way to get revenge on your father. Two birds one hit"

I wail and this time Ryder lets me fall to the ground and I just cry and cry, I didnt care who was in that room and saw me crying, I didn't care if Dad could never except me as a daughter because of how weak I was and I didn't care that Colton has seen me sob my heart out when I'm normally quit snappy and guarded around him nor did I care about the sympathy and fear filling Natasha's eyes

I didnt care about anything in that moment

Why had Ryder gone from a sweet charming boy to a murderous cold blooded killer in the space of a year? I guess he always had a dark side in him but as always I was jut too in 'love' to really spot the signs

"Now, now, dont cry you're time will come after you watch the life drain from their eyes and you are just begging for me to stick a bullet into your thick head" Ryder says his words cutting through my heart like a big knife splitting into a million unfixable pieces

"You are a monster" I repeat slowly through bulky tears

"Darling you've already said that" He waves a dismissive hand "Now sit there and be a good little bitch they should be dead in about twelve hours and then if you are lucky I'll be back to put you out of you misery"

Ryder puts a sand timer on the floor just in front of the door and the grains of sand trickle away slowly but still too fast and I look at him silently begging him not to do this but it was useless any human emotions he used to hold have long turned to dust

And with a slam the metal door closes over

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