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26 | Blood that was Shed

The sand grains in the hour glass trickled by so slow, that every hour felt like ten

With another worried glance at the hour glass, I realised now that it was half empty and I was running out of ideas to get everyone out of the room -- alive -- and not in the current state they were in which was half beaten to death and bleeding out from their head wounds barely hanging onto consciousness

The only indication I had of who was who was the colour of their hair, which was matted with blood and tangled with saliva

"Emmy" The voice was weak and barely there but I heard it like it was on a megaphone and I got up to my feet pins and needles shooting up and down my legs and back and I want to yelp out in pain but then I look up at Natasha and cringe before feeling guilty for even thinking I should yell out when three people were slowly dying in the room "Help"

Running over to Nat I shush her "Hi Nat it's me, it'll be okay just save you're energy you'll need it when we break out of here" I tell her and a weak chuckle follows and she lolls her head back and slowly closes her eyes as if she was in pain

"No, this is the end, this is my end" She says weakly before passing out again

Her fingertips gently brush against mine as she goes back to sleep but this time I wasnt sure if she was ever going to wake up again and that made me feel so incredibly guilty and I felt the million of pieces split into even more shattered and tiny pieces

If I had any more tears left to cry, I would cry them now

This was all my fault, I didn't mean for it to happen and seventeen years ago if I did know that was going to happen I would have sent a sign or something as a baby to my Dad to let him know that killing that man just to keep myself alive. Was it really worth it? My life for all this pain that came in the future?

At least a bullet through the head would be quick

Ryder was right if I didn't die by the end of the twenty four hours, I would surely be begging for my life to be over when Ryder came in again smirking like he had just taken over the world and in a way he had, it may have been on purpose or it may have not been, shifted the weight of my world or the fact that everything in my world has crumbled at my feet and all at the hands of him


I hate my life right now and I would do anything to go back in time and change my past maybe I could do something different that would stop me from being, or any one I care about, in this terrible horrible situation

But before I could further wallow at how horrible my life has turned out to be this past year, another weak voice called me from my thoughts and I rushed over after giving my twin's hand another hopeful squeeze

"Hey" I say weakly as I sit down on the filthy floor

"I know what you're doing and you need to stop" Colton says weakly narrowing his one eye that wasnt glued shut from a big black and blue bruise "I'm the one who said I would be there for you and now I have to pay the price for not doing that after all it's what you deserve"

"No, no, no" I plead tears gleaming in my eyes "Dont say that, this is my fault not yours"

"No it isn't this was my choice and I'll stick by it and you until my very last breath" He chuckled by ended up in a coughing fit only after he had stopped hacking wildly did I notice the blood dribbling down his chin and splattered all over the floor

One thing was for sure -- coughing up blood was never a good sign

"Easy tiger" I say as I rub his back "Okay I get that you wanted to protect me what I dont get is why stay?" I say thoughtfully tilting my head to the side as I wondered out loud what has been at the back of my mind for so long now

He did something I never thought he would do -- he froze -- like a deer caught in headlights and I wondered why he did that, it wasn't like it was a complicated question it was a rather simple one really but Colton made it seem like it was the hardest question he had ever been asked in his life. Finally he sighed and replied with "Because I like you"

A simple sentence -- or in this case three simple words -- can literally change you life and that's what it did for me

"What -- why?" I spluttered out

"I liked you well I still do like you for a whole load of reasons but my number one reason is because you are different than other girls and although you tried to deny it I knew they you were different. Special even" He says with a twinkle back in his eyes that I haven't seen for days

"You didnt even know me back then" I chuckle weakly

"But I knew you enough. To know that you were special"

And that was enough to make me fall for him and kiss him

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