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27 | The Final Stand

Do you know what it is like for your whole world to be ripped apart right under your feet?

If you do then welcome to the small club of people who actually know what it is like to feel real pain and misfortune also those people often know what it is like to feel grief and heartbreak and right now I'm feeling every emotion after all I just witnessed the death of two of the most important people in my life and I know that I made a promise to Colton about not blaming myself but it was so hard when the guilt of their deaths were weighing heavy on my chest.

I killed Natasha Maddox and Valentine Maddox

The only people in my life who were there for me every step of the way and the only people who knew how stressful my life was and the extra burden I carry every day because of my powers are now gone

And now they are gone

It breaks my heart to know that they will be gone however I still have one person to look out for and I have to get out of this situation I don't know how after all I can't carry a 6 ft man by myself not that I could do it anyway but I'm weak anyway so that will not help any

"Hey dont worry Ems we'll find a way out of this mess" The weak throaty voice of Colton's reach my ears and I glance up at him showing him my terror filled eyes. I know that I am the daughter of two of the most famous gang leaders in the world and I couldn't get myself out of this situation. Colton, who somehow knew what I was thinking, grabbed my hand (as I was sitting right next to him) and whispered in my ear "Hey dont worry I know we will"

Time was slipping away from us and fast too

"No Colt we are running out of time I don't think I can think of a plan fast enough to get us out of this" I say as tears spring to my eyes, living with my Dad most of my life he always taught Natasha and I that crying was a weak thing to do and it had no place in our lives but right now all I could do was cry I mean I felt so defeated

Soon after I had run out of tears Ryder and Adam came in along with their other friends Ryder grabbed my waist and pulled me up so hard that I nearly fell over again because I was weak and really wasnt used to weight bearing after twenty four hours tied up but I let Ryder drag me as I was too weak to fight back or argue with him


It felt like we had been walking for hours and on multiple occasions I had asked Ryder to tell me where he was taking me but that only resulted in him putting a gag over my mouth and making me choke the rest of my question into the gag

The scenery had just been trees so far -- endless tress that seemed to stretch into one another and we kept on walking until we reached a lake and I froze it was exactly like the one that I had saw in my dreams. Ryder noticed that I had frozen and didnt like it so pushed me on making me stumble a little as I tried to regain my balance

Suddenly my head felt fuzzy and I felt faint as the same dream I have been having for months came to me at once although this time I knew it wasnt a dream and in fact it was my future what was going to happen to me if I didnt stop it

The view of the lake was pretty

I was standing just at the edge of the horseshoe shaped lake with my toes peeking off of the luscious green grass surrounding the lake when suddenly the water started swirling and gurgling in the middle

Soon though the gurgling noise got louder as more ripples came out towards the edge of the lake to where I was standing and then suddenly in a flash of bright white water spouted out of the middle of the lake and attempted to grab me

But I couldn't move

So the water took me in the water and every time I tried to thrash it would do no good I would just always end up in the murky waters below the lake , I try to thrash about I try to move but everytime I kick the water below to get back up it drags me even further under the water and just before I hit the bottom I take a big gasp as if excepting my fate and then my body goes limp.

I gasp as the pain in my head started to subside and then like a flash of a second I find myself already submerged in the middle of the lake, an invisible force trying to weigh me down trying to stop me from breathing

Suddenly a plan forms in my head

I close my eyes like I had in my dream like trance and made my body go limp, now that I know I'm not dead like I orignally thought when I saw this dream state play out to me I can focus on my breathing and I can focus on the movement of water

A few minutes later I felt the water start to heat up and knew my plan had worked because of the hot temputure I had killed whatever wanted to drag me down and kicked my way out of the water much to the suprise of dear old Ryder

His face is a mix of disbelief and anger that I actually survived his little trap I walked up to him and shrugged "What you thought you could get rid of me that easily?" I asked and before he could answer I shot him in the chest with fire and he looked at his chest to me his eyes buning bright with what emotion I may never know but then he fell to the ground and stared blankly up at the sky

Adam looked at me his eyes alight with fear before he drops Colt along with the rest of the boys and they all flee from me scared that I was going to kill them in revenge for what they did to my father and twin and dont get me wrong I was still plenty pissed but they werent worth the energy, they wouldnt bother me again because they followed Ryder's every command and since he was no threat to me anymore they wouldn't be one either

Ryder was finally dead

And I was free



AND THAT IT IS! THE END OF THE CHAPTER, THE END OF A BOOK A MOST IMPORTANTLY THE END OF THE SERIES! Like I said at the begining of the book I would like to thank you for all you're support throughout this series and if you have suck with me through four grueling books give yourself a pat on the back

And although this series has come to an end and I will be sad to let go of it I still have plenty other book idea's and series going through my head and would be greatful if you stuck around to find out what they are

And for the last time of this series

Until next time

Caitlin xxx

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