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02 | Prison Break

The rest of the day passed by quickly considering I missed half of my lessons because of me and my stupid mouth but detention wasn’t that bad I just had to act like I was scared of everything and everyone so the usual really

The only thing that really scared me was the look on my sisters face when she found out what I had done and I guess that is what really sucked about having your older twin sister pretending to be a nerd with you because she can find out things just as easy as I can and because we are nerds mostj of the time we are invisible so people spread gossip around in front of us and because the nerd getting detention was all anyone could talk about Natasha found out easily

I slid into the old rusted jeep that we use for school that looks like you could of bought off a dodgy deal on the internet of course Dad has nicer cars than this but he says use the jeep for travel to and fro school

Natasha’s eyes are in thin slits when I buckle myself in but she isn’t looking at me but instead glancing at the road ahead of her and I know she’s still not talking to me and upset with me but luckily I also know that she can never stay mad at me I think that the longest she has been able to go without talking to me is about a half a day

I send a cheeky grin over to my sister and although her face seems to be stone i can see the slight eye roll she gives me as I ask “So are we like BFFs again” in a super high pitched voice

This time Natasha shakes her head and a patch of her dark red hair fall over her pale blue eyes which she rolls again before breaking into splitting laughter

“That was bloody hilarious” she laughed foaming a little, from the mouth as she did so and that sets me off laughing which drowns out the music of Unsteady playing faintly in the background and the fight long forgotten

The large iron gates pulled back revealing the excited face of my mom as the prison guard escorts is into the room and as usual my mother is separated from us by a large sheen of glass and there is only a small gap in the glass for any notes to be passed through

As usual the guard looks at the international known Alexia Garcia with so much suspicion and hatred that I’m surprised my mom didn’t melt into a little puddle of ash and molten instead my mother just smiles before shrugging a shoulder making the chains that she was strapped to clatter on the desk that she was sat behind

I often wondered why she is so nice when she could escape if she wanted too

“Because I am a monster to people and deserve every ounce of this life sentence that I have left” she would say whenever I pulled her up on it but I never understood it because I know she has killed a lot of people but honestly I thought that calling herself a so called monster was a tad extreme because she always acted like an excited mother every time we would visit her every month

“Hi mom” Both me and Tasha said at the same time

“Hi my beautiful darlings how are you, your father looking after you if he isn’t I’ll kick his ass and yea I can do it even though I’m in cuffs and am blocked by glass?” Mom jokes and pall of us laugh, the rest of the world may see Alexia Garcia as the worlds most feared person but I just see her as my mom the fun loving kind and the kind that you can go to for hugs after a bad day

“Don’t worry mom we definitely get fed at least once a day even if it was hot mush” Natasha jokes and pokes dad in the chest which makes him swat her arm away and for my twin to playfully pout and bat her eyelashes at him

“Hey girls I’m mellow to you I don’t make you run laps at five o’clock in the morning” He jokes back and for a moment it like there isn’t glass separating all of us and there isn’t six guards on standby at every possible exit waiting anxiously for Alexia Garcia to make one wrong move so they can open fire on her no, there’s none of that it is just us

But when the laughter dies down to the occasion chuckle mom turns to me her face set in stone a face I believe she used when she wanted things done in her gang and didn’t take shit from anyone even her younger brother

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