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03 | Spilled Food

The next morning I wasnt as angry as the previous one mainly because I didn’t get a bucket of ice cold water tipped over me but that didn’t mean I wasn’t curious like I was yesterday morning because as soon as I went to bed last night and as soon as my head hit the pillow th dreams of the lake took over and I woke up in exactly the same position as I did before, the only thing that I knew for sure now was that this dream meant something and I had to find out exactly what it did mean

I steer into the parking lot of New York Hope institute and park the jeep in a spot before pulling out the keys from the ignition and collecting everything I could need for the day then with some caution I pull out a pocket knife and hand it to Natasha who smiles and puts it deep in the inside of her boot

Then she jumps out of the car a breezy smile plastered out on her face and I duck down and hide behind the steering wheel so nobody can see me but to be honest most of them have their heads buried in their phones or talking animatedly to their friends even though they probably burnt most of the midnight oil speaking to the same people but you can never be too careful when it comes to things like this, because one person seeing either of us could lead to trouble. . .

When I was sure that enough time had passed for me to be able to get out of the car, I pick up my bag and knife, Natasha and I always keep some kind of small and disposable weapon close to us just in case we do end up being attacked or do need to do something a little bit more

Don’t look at me like that we are the daughter’s of two of the most famous gang leaders

Walking across the parking lot to the front entrance I must have not been looking where I was going because just before I got to the door I felt myself being knocked back as I collide into someone oh no wait it was the other way round he ran into me and I face the culprit and almost drool at how hot he looked

I try to get my mind off of how hot he looked and when I did my anger returned and then I had the trouble of trying to bite my tongue before I said something that I would regret later and that my darling twin would give me a lecture for slipping up in school but finally my mouth won the intense battle

“Watch where you are going y. . .you shithead of a Greek god” I exclaim angrily

At my threating statement the hot boy lets out a deep chuckle and looks me in the eye and I must remind myself not to get drawn in by the big grey yes that look like I could get lost in them for years but alas I snap myself back to reality in time for him to mock me

“Shithead of a Greek god? Hmm never heard that one before” He notes and by then my anger rador is flying off the scale but before I could say to him what I was going to do if I ever saw his hot, no watch it Emersyn, ugly face again he had already walked away leaving me in a irked mood until I was forced to go to homeroom by the bell

The rest of the morning wasn’t any better because I couldn’t get his face out of my mind and every time I tried the memory of his face would just bounce back to my like a frigging boomerang so by lunch I was extremely pissed off and just wanted a nice bowl of pasta in sauce to take my mind off everything

Wandering through the canteen with a tray with my pasta pot on which I payed $5.60 which is extremely unfair for a little pot of a pasta and a dollop of white creamed sauce I swar because this isn’t a private school they just put up the prices of the food

I am suddenly knocked and the tray with my pasta on slipped through my hands and like in a cliché movie it is thrown upwards and in slow motion it comes tumbling down on the person who bumped into me who as fate would have it is the shithead of a Greek god

“Oh I guess its my turn to say to you that you should watch where your going” His smirk grew wider at the look of pure horror on my face because not only have I spilled pasta on someone who resembles a Greek God but I have also have attracted the one thing that my sister and I have so skilfully managed to avoid for four years -- attention -- seen as now all the canteen’s eyes are on me

I manage to find Natasha mixed in with the disbelieved people and notice that her face is exactly the same as everyone but hers hid a stormy anger behind them and I knew then that she was furious at me for bringing attention to myself

“He knocked into me” I mouth to which she shook her head

“Who are you talking to” The boy snapped hotly still covered in some kind of cheese sauce as he glanced around the room thankfully though his eyes never find Natasha’s.

“N-Nothing. . .N-nobody” I stutter

“Whats your name?” He asked tilting his head to one side

“Ember” I lie but he wouldn’t know he will just think its a nickname from my actual name

“Colten” He replies with a slight nod making a pasta curl fall of his shoulder “Now Ember this is the part where I tell you that you just messed with the wrong guy”

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