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04 | Devil in the Back of My Mind

I feel the energy from my powers coursing through my veins and for the first time in a full year I let myself let go of them and water comes out my hands and I wave them around my body watching the water flow freely around it with the guidance of my hands

But as quickly as the water came, it disappeared with a flick of my wrist replaced by the roaring heart of a fire I watched as the fire trickled up my arms stinging and burning them but I didn’t distinguish the fire in fact I made it that little bit bigger I wanted to see how far I could push myself until I absolutely couldn’t take it anymore

“Hey can we talk?” A voice cuts through making me instantly shut off the fire that is now up to my elbow in long spurts and pull down my jacket before someone comes to sit next to me on the slope “I know you think I’m mad at you and believe me I still am but I talked to Dad and he helped me realise your point of view”

“But Nat we are seventeen we can’t keep going to Dad to fix every little disagreement we have” I point out to her and she nods finally agreeing that we aren’t children anymore we should be able to solve disagreements like adults and not get our Dad to make us metaphorically shake hands after one of us spits in the face of the other

“No I know we can’t” She agrees

We fall into comfortable silence after that for a few minutes until I start feeling the power in my body get stronger and bolt up right I know that if I cant control my powers I could end up hurting either myself or worse somebody else and I don’t want to hurt anybody here in this house ever because if I did lose them I don’t know what I would do and so even though I can hear Natasha calling out to me and asking me what the matter is I don’t stop to tell her I just run

I run up the stairs and charge like a bull into the conjoined bathroom that I share with Natasha that is conjoined to our bedroom and with every passing moment I feel all the elements inside of me start to make my blood boil

Rushing over to the sink I splash cool water on my face but my skin still feels like its on fire and I pull at the hem and lining of my top attempting to tug it off and over my head, I lay the top on the basin before starting to splash the rest of my body with the same cool water and eventually my body starts to cool off and go back to a normal temperature

Pulling my top back on the top of it gets stuck on the wet patches on my bra from splashing the water earlier so with a frustrated groan I yank it back off again and storm into mine and Natasha’s bedroom and throwing my top down on the floor in a fit and unclasping my bra before pulling that off to and rummaging through my underwear draw for a fresh bra and my other draw for a top and after a few minutes I manage to get it on and I stare at my blonde hair and my outfit in the mirror

I almost missed the smirking face of my twin who was lounging about on her bed and watching my fit in amusement “Are you done?” She asks unable to hold back her slyness and bemusement in her cocky tone

“Yes” I huff

Flopping onto my bed belly first I sigh once more and then turn to Natasha who much to my dismay brings up the question that I know she wants an answer to but one that I can’t give her she asks “Why did you run off on me?”

“I had an emergency. Heavy flow” I lie and I know it might not seem like it but I do not like lying to my sister it makes me stomach tie in knots and makes me feel all guilty and yet I can lie to anyone else (except maybe Mom and Dad) until I go blue in my face

“Oh okay” Her face crinkling a little in disgust and it makes me feel even worse that she bought my lie without pushing it any further

“I’m tired” I say because that was the truth whatever happened with my powers has somehow drained a lot of my energy and I now feel like I can sleep for a week, I stand back up again and pull the duvet back so that I can dive back onto my bed and pull the duvet right up to my chin before snuggling into it and closing my eyes

“Yeah me too and I guess we could go to bed early seen as tomorrow we have another fun packed day of learning ahead of us!” She cheers sarcastically making me half heartedly laugh in my tired state Natasha may be able to pull of the nerd façade better than I can but that in no way means that she likes school and wants to spend time there

Before I shut my eyes however I swear I saw a flash of green light but when I turn back to Nat to ask whether she had also seen it I notice that she was fast asleep so I rule it out as just me being tired but when my eyes close again I hear a snake like voice sing “Come, come to the garden of Eden I have a juicy apple waiting for you my dear”

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