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05 | How to NOT talk to the Bad Boy

The car rumbled to a jolty stop as I killed the engine slightly making me lean to the side as I straighted up I noticed that the seatbelt had cut into my neck -- hard enough that blood dribbled down it dropping onto the collar “Shit” I curse loudly making Natasha look up from her phone nerves swirling around her blue eyes at the fact that I just cussed when I was supposed to act like a dumb nerd but the nervousness turned into fear when she saw my neck

“Shit Em what the hell happened?” Natasha asked in a panickeked whisper

“Fucking seatbelt cut into my neck when I stopped the car” I explain once again quite loudly and Natasha had to make a sign with her hands to tell me to shut up with the cuss words and I sigh but shut up anyway before Natasha went into the glove box and pulled out a gourge and dressing which I took from her and put onto my neck

Suddenly the bell rings and I check the dashboard clock 8:30! Hell!

We both look at each other before rushing out of the car not bothering that we got out of the car at the same time as we sprint across the quad ignoring the strange looks that we get from stragglers that are smoking outside of the school and if I wasn’t in my dorky nerd outfit and running into school to try and keep this nerd facade shit alive I would have gladly joined them

Kidding. No I’m really not

But I can’t and as I skid to a hault I notice that Colten, the bad boy that I accidedently spilt my pasta on looking at me with his dark curious eyes I look down at the floor just in case he hadnt seen me but I was a second too late because he was making his way over

Fuck he cant see me like this, he’ll learn too much

“Yo Emma! Shouldn’t you be in class or something I mean the bell has gone and people around here say you and some chick called Natelie Jacobson are the real nerds around here and I must say with those dorky clothes you have on they cant be wrong” He says smirking and all I want to do is wipe it off of his charmingly handsome face

“Y-Yes I-I should. I’m late” I say faking a stutter before spinning around to leave

I begin to walk away but someone grabs my hand and pulls me back roughly and if I didn’t know where I was and who I was I would have probably gone ape shit on their asses but since I know where I am and who I was supposed to be I let myself be dragged back and for myself to colide with a strong wall “Hang on I thought that we could do something you know skip school and all you up for that”

“With you?” I raise an eyebrow and watch as he nods “No thanks I would rather go die in a hole”

“Ouch that hurt me right here Emma and besides I thought nerds werent supposed to talk to their bad boys like that?” He asks cocking an eyebrow ever so slightly and giving me a big fake mocking grin

“Yours?” I snort unattractivly in an attempt to stiffle my laugh “Hun I will never be yours”

“But the good girl always falls for the bab boy” He say quietly in a seductive tone and I must admit he did sound quite hot when he did that but I had to remind myself thar I could never fall for him. Not anybody.

“Well maybe I’m not as good as I lead everyone to believe” I mumble under my breath and I wouldnt realise my mistake until it came to bite ass a lot later on but for ow I just walk away leaving the bab boy dumbfounded

Hell I’ll just skip homeroom because there is only two minute left and make up some lame excuse later as I head to first period

The view of the lake was pretty

I was standing just at the edge of the horseshoe shaped lake with my toes peeking off of the luscious green grass surrounding the lake when suddenly the water started swirling and gurgling in the middle

Soon though the gurgling noise got louder as more ripples came out towards the edge of the lake to where I was standing and then suddenly in a flash of bright white water spouted out of the middle of the lake and attempted to grab me

But I couldn’t move

So the water took me in the water and every time I tried to thrash it would do no good I would just always end up in the murky waters below the lake and the more that I tried to push up so that I could get air into my lungs the water above me seemed to get further and further away like the bottom of the lake was moving

Something came into the water trying to get to me but when it was close enough to grab me it just laughed and left me thrashing in the freezing cold lake water

I wake up in a cold sweat having had that horrid dream again at least this tine I got to have a little bit more detail into my dream the only downside was it made me even more nervous that if these dreams were real someone would just leave me to drown and I dont know who it was their sinister laugh seemed famillaar but I do not know where it was from or how I could remember such a sinicle laughter

But that is a mission for another day, I am tired I need sleep

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