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06 | A game of Hide and Seek ... With Knives

The mats were laid out on the basement floor for the training session that Dad makes us do every week after school, he says its a good way to keep us fit and makes us have quick reflexes so every week he sets out a game that tests our limps or me and Natasha have to spar with one another also Dad tends to make it harder for me than my twin

“This weeks training will involve you working together” Dad gives me a pointed look from where he stands in the middle of the training mats because when we work in pairs I tend just to get bored and use my powers to end the game “You are going to use knives along with your sense and wits and I’m going to turn the lights off and you have to come find me. Simple”

Dad them switches off all the lights in the house from his phone and goes up the stairs to go find his hiding spot I groan I hate these kinds of games and Dad knows this, I turn to Tasha and tell her “There is something he’s not telling us, I don’t think he just wants us to play a simple childish game of hide and seek but with knives”

“Maybe he just wants to see how well we can work together” Natasha hisses my sister has always been a daddy’ girl practically worshipping the ground he walks on I should have known she wont see sense and believe that something is up but I got my personality from my mother always cunning always looking for the bad side in someone’s reasoning

“Whatever” I roll my eyes “Lets just get this over with”

I select a knife from the row of knives laid out on the table and twirl it around in my hands getting a feel for the weight of the knife and even though its dark I can see that it is a nice knife because if I needed to use it in an attack it has a straight edge which is nice and long and pointy which should cut through bone and flesh easily

I look over to my sister who nods at me in the dark and we pick up a pair of night goggles each before trekking up the stairs no able to see in a greenish light

“So you wanna split up?” I ask Tasha who immediately turns to look at me and even though I can’t see her eyes I can tell she was ready to burn a hole in the side of my head and I shrug “What? We cover more ground that way”

“No, you just dont want to work as a team you want to do this all on your own just like always and I’m getting tired of this ‘I don’t play well with others’ attitude and so we are going to find Dad together as a team, and I dont care how much of a child’s game you believe this is because we are doing it and you are not using your powers as a way to end the game” Natasha scolds me raising her voice ever so slightly as she does, I admit I’m surprised that Natasha is shouting at me like this normally she just fakes a smile and says she’s not mad at me but like always I know differently

“Fine” I give in its better for everyone this way

“What your not going to yell at me for yelling at you and then turn me into an ice sculpture using your powers before going to find dad all on your own?” She asks shock etched deeply onto her face and when I shake my head to tell her no I’m not she looks even more shell shocked

But the truth was as much as I wanted to do what she said I was too scared to actually use my powers for stuff like that because of the dream and the feeling that my skin my burn off my body but I couldn’t tell Nat that so I just shrug “Lets go Dad is probably timing the thing

Just as I suspected Dad had something up his sleeve

When we eventually found the man hiding out amongst the clothes in his daughters joined closets he surprised us with a knife attack that he took with him and since we had took off our goggles we couldn’t see the attack since it was still as dark as the night sky so he caught both of us off guard and slashed my arm

Now I watch as blood from my arm drips into the sink as I clean up the gnash on my forearm leaning over the sink I use my opposite hand to wash out all the blood and watch as it swirls in different directions as it went down the plug hole and in the drain

“I hope I didn’t hurt you too much” A voice says making me flit my eyes up to meet those of my fathers, they were cold and stone and his pupils seemed to ink into his irises like they always did after a ruthless training session and I admit it was a little unnerving how fast my parents could go from adoring and careful supporters in our lives to their ruthless and cold features like they were when they were gang leaders as fast as someone could switch on a light switch

“It stings and I’ll have to wrap a bandage around it but its not so bad” I try not to wince too much because that would give my dad and indication of how much it hurt and it did it hurt a lot but I wasn’t weak so I wasn’t going to show how much it hurt

“That’s good” He nods having bought my act “I’ll leave you to get cleaned up”

I turn my attention back to the sink and do the same thing over and over for about an hour when the blood in my body is not gushing out and the water ran cold only the did i find myself stopping.

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