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07 | Power Takes All

My feet dragged along the gravel of the parking lot as I walk slowly into the hell hole the President calls school, it’s hot, the lasting days of the Indian summer we’ve been having beating down on Arizona where we came back to start high school after going to London for seven years so the cops never caught up with my Dad when they put my mom in jail

Point is it is hot where I live and I am welting under the thick jumper that I had to put on to cover the bandage which is currently wrapped around my right forearm because I knew that if anyone saw it they would be suspicious and then the rumour mill will start spitting out rumour after rumour left right and centre

I look to my sister who as wearing the brightest smile and had a spring in her step more so than I did and I narrowed my eyes because although the sun was beating down she was wearing shorts that went up to her mid thigh and a t-shirt that was just a plain faded grey colour although she still had on her use of the fake glasses with no actual glass in them -- she may be pretending to be a nerd but it was just to far hot for jumpers

So maybe, scratch that, most definitely that was why people were giving me strange looks as I made the rest of my journey into school and down the corridor to the shiny silver locker that I owned at one point it was painted a rusted blue colour but all the paint came off when someone decided to pull a prank on yours truly and somehow the paint got worn off and I had to get the rest of it taken off by the janitor who honestly kept looking at me with odd eyes for a few weeks after the paint had been removed

I slam my locker shut frustrated with the heat, I certainly didn’t know how I was going to survive the day buried within a jumper that was three sizes too big for my small frame and not to mention how hot it got within two minutes of me putting the damn thing on

“Careful sis” Natasha hissed in a whisper now beside me “You dont want to dent your locker”

I nod not fully taking in my sisters warning as I glanced a look at my schedule I wondered whether I had spare time where I could hopefully be myself and take of the woolly jumpy for relief from the heat and it seemed like luck was actually on my ide today seen as I had a free sixth period just before home time so I could probably just skip study hall and make up some crap excuse like I wasn’t feeling well if anyone did notice my absence and ask in the morning

Sitting in fifth period Science was hell every two seconds I would look up from my notebook where I was pretending to scrawl notes across it and look up at the clock only to be pissed off that time was indeed not passing fast enough

I block out the rest of the lesson, not that I had been paying attention for the first half of it either but I stopped pretending to write down the notes and closed over my notebook before resting my arm on the desk and resting my chin into my palm as I blocked out the teachers drawl on Antigens and white blood cells and how they protect the body from any viruses that may occur in the body, granted I knew this stuff already Natasha and I may only be putting on a façade of a nerd but that doesn’t mean we aren’t smart Dad often has us reciting textbooks just to make sure we dont fall behind in school

Five minutes before the bell was due to ring I started to get hot and not just because I was wrapped in a jumper too big for me but it felt like the skin on my body was on fire and every second that it continued it got worse until I was biting my lip to stop me from screaming out in pain I knew what was happening because it happened a few days ago and I needed to get out of here before I cannot control my body or my powers anymore and someone ends up getting hurt

My hand shot up as straight as a metal pole as I needed to get out of the room as fast as I could Mrs Hawkins a short stubby teacher with wiry blonde hair only now realised that my hand was up in the air and spoke to me “Yes miss Maddox can you answer this question?” She asks peering over her glasses which have slipped down her nose

Although I probably could’ve I didn’t have time so I simply stuttered an answer “N-No miss I can’t” I say hanging my head a little in faux shame before continuing “P-Please can I go to the t-toilet”

Several peering pairs of eyes have now turned in my direction but right now I couldn’t care less as I watch as Miss Hawkins gives a nod of her head and before I can even think about collecting my bag or any of my belongings my feet are rushing my out of the lab before anyone could change their minds

I find the nearest girls bathroom and push open the door before leaning on the counter and splashing my face with water like I did the last time

Suddenly my veins felt like they were about to explode as power coursed through them and before I could stop anything from happening ice shot through my finger tips smashing the mirror into a thousand little fragments before spilling out onto the floor

I stood there horrified what had I just done?

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