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08 | I Run into the Bad Boy

I stayed in the bathroom well after the bell had rung signalling the end of one period and the transition to another, partly because I had not fully heard it and another reason was because I was too stunned to actually get my body to move

What had I done?

Glass was in shards and sprinkled all over the floor like icing sugar on top of a cake and in the middle of all that I stood there not moving trying to comprehend in my mind what had actually happened in the last fifteen minutes or so

I do not know when my body decided to reconnect with my mind but when it did I still didn’t move but instead I slipped down onto the floor using the counter to supporter my back as I brought my knees up to my chest and continued to stare at the mess that I had created, how was I supposed to explain this to anyone? Everyone?

My veins no longer throbbed with the pain of my powers coursing through them and my body no longer felt like it was lit of fire with flint and steel but instead my body felt drained probably from using a substantial amount of my energy creating the icy crystals that I didn’t want to create in the first place

It took less of my energy to manipulate the elements like if there was water running in a tap I could just float the water over to me and drink it and not create them although I can do that because I just had but it takes more energy for me to create the four elements out of thin air like fire or ice which is the frozen version of water thus making my body feel drained and tired like I had just ran a marathon

Once the initial shock of what I had done had worn off and I felt less tired and able to move I slowly rise from my position on the floor and lean against the sink for a minute feeling slightly woozy before treading out of the bathroom in hopes that I could come up with a way to solve this before anyone else went into the bathroom and saw the mess that I made

Head spinning with wild thoughts, my feet carry me, although I am to distracted to know or even register where I am, I know one thing I have to fix this and then go home because I also know that there is no way that I will be able to focus on anything a textbook is telling me for the half hour

Suddenly a slight jolt to my shoulder knocks me out of my thoughts and I spin around to see Colton who once again bumped into me the only difference was that this time I had no energy to argue with or the time to insult him or mock him whatever you want to call it

“Sorry” I mummer half heartedly as I tried to get pass the wall that wears a leather jacket and whose name is Colten without looking up but Colten uses his fingers to move my chin up as he forces me to look at him

Colten seems surprised with the lack of insult towards him or mocking gesture and I can also tell that he is slightly confused by it however I am too tired and drained of energy to even care what the bad boy has to say about this bizarre siltation

“Are you alright Emma?” He says genuine concern seemingly lacing his voice and features as he looks at me with worried eyes

“Yes” I mumble bitterly my words may have said I was fine but my tone was implying something completely different

“You dont look like it in fact you look as white as a sheet” Colten noted before asking yet again whether I was alright and even though I wasn’t it was not like I could say any of what happened back in the bathroom to Colten so with a sharp nod of my head I go to once again try and step around his sturdy six figure frame but once again I find my path blocked by Colten who sidestepped in my way to stop me getting passed

“No, you don’t, I’m taking you to the nurse” Colten says and if I had energy left in me I would argue the fact that this boy was being nice to me which was way out of his character and even though I didn’t want to go to the nurses office however I had little energy to actually argue with Colten and say I was fine especially since the boy was being so nice so I just let him drag me to where the nurse was even though I do look physically ill I know what the nurse will say because she’s said it before; she’ll do a physical exam and say that she’s found nothing wrong and that I should just rest for a little bit

And that, my friends, is how I spent my Wednesday on a nurses exam bad

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