The Requiem

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The say the world is corrupt. An endless war, a consistently raging battle. They say we're evil, we've killed too many. They say we'll be the reason the world ends. What they don't say is that the world is overpopulated. They don't speak of food shortages, children starving, spiking homeless populations. They don't say that the world needs help. We may be cruel. We may be evil, but the Hunt has changed the way the world runs. You may not like it. If you don't like it, you're on the wrong side of the fence. We'll find you soon.

Action / Thriller
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“Dear Kit,

By the time you read this note I will most likely be dead. My dear sister and best friend, I apologize for the things I have put you through. For the lies I dropped on you. For the way I left without telling you.

I joined the army.

Look, I know what you’re about to say ‘Kristain! How could you?’ And you have a valid reason to ask that. How could I sacrifice my little sister in a time of war? In a time of terrorism? In a time of civil war?

Well little sister, it was much easier that I had assumed it would be. I don’t doubt that you’re mad at me. That right now you hate me. That you feel nothing but anger towards me. And I understand. I’m angry too. I’m angry at the riots. I’m angry at the disdain. I’m angry at every single person who’s taken the opportunity to get in my way, in our way.

You know it as well as I do, that there’s a battle at home. A battle that took mom and dads lives from us. That’s why I joined the Army, because as far as I’m concerned, it’s better than the Hunt.

One day you’ll understand.

My love,


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