Breaking Dawn

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Three magical girls, Midnight , Sunny, and Stary, are sent from Arxnia to Earth to protect it from the Deaths. The Deaths are a group of witches who take features such as intellect. To stop them the girls transform into Midnight Storm, Sunburst, and Starlight. They face troubles ahead but as they say friendship always wins in the end!

Action / Humor
Ms. Tsundere
Age Rating:


Episode 1: You want us to transform?! What!

Episode 2: Not again!

Episode 3: The trouble with Sunshine!

Episode 4: Oh no Lilith in trouble!

Episode 5: The new minion!

Episode 6: What a surprise!

Episode 7: The new normal!

Episode 8: The wands!

Episode 9: Final countdown part:1

Episode 10: Final countdown part:2

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