Controllable Zombies

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This about a virus who unleashed and the virus created blood thirsty monsters who feed and turns people like them and they run and they snarl they are called zombies but a guy got powers from the virus he can control zombies but he has to discover them first.

Action / Horror
Andrew Rhodes
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 The Virus

(Okay this is the story the guy who controls the zombies soon is named Jacob he is a werewolf tho to but let's go get started Jacob is at school talking to his girlfriend).

He says Hey honey she says hey what's up he says you know the story of werewolves who Romes these forest or woods she says yes they are people who transforms into wolves and they have to break every bone in their body.

Every full moon they turn into them why he says because i have to show you something tonight don't worry you forgot one part of them that the wolves can control themselves.

Let's go to my house after school she says okay (the school bell rings) sorry i have to get to class he says okay I'll walk you to class he takes her hands and holds it tight i love you Sophia Rhodes she says i love you to Jacob Sandoval he says i will always love you till death to us part.

She says i love you the same way they walk to her class they kiss each other she says i have to go meet me at lunch we can sit together a teacher says Sophia come in (she goes in the classroom) the teacher says okay guys my name is Mr. Bennett i am your new teacher for math class.

Okay time to take attendance okay Sophia she raises her hands (10 mins later) Mr. Bennett says okay guys what's 196 multiplyz 290 he points to Sophia you answer the question Sophia says the answer for that is 56,840.

(The school alarm goes off and people are panicking) what is that they all look out the window and people are running from something she says what are they running from.

(They see's people eating each other) she says oh no we have to leave now the door opens Jacob says Sophia hurry come we have to leave she says what is happening he says those things are like the zombie movies i always watch so they are zombies.

We have to leave she says i can't believe this is happening i am not ready to die she cries he says you are not dying not today you remember when i said i will always love you till death to us part i mean that if you die i will keep loving you let's go.

Mr. Bennett goes outside and says whats going on out here (the zombies all look at him and runs at him and feeds on him and 30 seconds later he turns into a zombie).

(Sophia and Jacob walks out of the school and runs and a zombie catches up to them and grabs sophia and bites her and Jacob grabs her and they run and they go to an apartment building).

(1 hour later) (Sophia is a zombie) he says honey please no i don't want to run or hurt you (he waves his hand and she goes under his control) he says what the hell was that i have powers to control zombies that means no zombies will kill me.

Let's hope i can turn Sophia back to normal soon (a swat unit comes in the building) he says my name is sergeant Robertson i work for the president of the united states of America i am here to turn Sophia Rhodes into a human again because the president is her dad he throws a potion at her and she turns back.

He says let's go to see your dad she says no i don't even know you I'm not going anywhere with you he says yeah you are (he pulls a gun out on her and Jacob gets mad) don't you dare pull out a gun on her (he transforms into a wolf he tears him apart).

(Sophia see's a full moon) she says oh crap it's a full moon this is what he wanted to show me but this happened come here boy let's go get you some water and then we sleep until the sun rises and then you will return to normal.

(The wolf howls and the zombies hears it and runs) she says hush shut up you are attracting the zombies twords us (she hears banging and snarls) she says oh no zombies there here.

(The zombies breaks threw the door and the wolf and Sophia runs towards the roof they finally reach it and they see a stair case that leads off the roof and onto the streets they runs towards it).

She says okay we made it off the roof and look at all those zombies they are falling off the roof they are killing themselves they are landing on their heads (Sophia looks behind her and she see's a horde of zombies running twards her and she and the wolf runs).

She says there are alot of zombies (she see's a bomb inside a truck she breaks it open and grabs it and then throws it at the horde of zombies) she says go to hell (the zombies blow up and there are lots more still and they continue and they go inside another building and they are trapped).

She says i think there's a door behind this bakery yes there is a door (they go out the door and the zombies doesn't see her leave and they run for an 1 hour and they see's a military base with tons of people) she says yes we are going there after you turn back because they won't let a wolf in there.

She says let's sleep for an hour or two hey boy do you want to cuddle with me your still my boyfriend no matter what i love you no matter what if your a wolf or no wolf i will always love you (the wolf licks her face).

She says okay boy let's cuddle at the top of the building right there (they go to the top of the building and they fine food and water up there) she says it looks like people were camping up here (they start eating and then they falling asleep).

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