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Aria Rose has made it clear that she no longer wants anything to do with her father or his new wife and new daughter since the day he chose them over her. She’s been living a successful life with her aunt Jolene who owns a well-known and successful perfume company call Rosette. All of a sudden, her dad, stepmother, and stepsister decided to enter her life again. But just what is the motive for them doing so? Adding to the mixture, enters a devilishly handsome man who is known as the mafia king in the underground world, Lucien Moretti. Aria is always taking precautions when running into Lucien because of his mafia background. But she soon discovers that there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

Do you ever have that one person who just make your blood boil the instant they walk into the room even when they haven’t done anything yet? And because of their past actions, it drives you to insanity? That’s exactly what my stepmother is to me.

I clench my fists tightly as I sit across from Meredith and Lydia in a small café after listening to Meredith’s ridiculous demands.

“Money? You have the nerve to demand money from me when I had severed all ties with everyone who I once considered family?” My blood was boiling, and I just know that if I don’t get out of here, I was going to explode.

“We have every right to do so, darling,” said my stepmother, who sat casually as if her demands weren’t ridiculous. Does she even hear herself? No, she doesn’t. “The least you could do is be useful in providing money.” The nerve of this woman! Ever since she married my father, she had done nothing to contribute to the family except for spending a ridiculous amount of money on luxuries.

“Meredith,” I said with venom laced around her name, “if you ever try to contact me in any way, I promise you that I will give you hell. Especially for such a ridiculous thing like today.”

I got up from the table and was about to leave when my purse was yanked off my shoulders. I turn around to find Meredith already digging through my purse. Lydia stood there in shock over her mother’s rash action. I stood there for a second, watching in disbelief over Meredith’s desperation for money. I glance over to the table and saw the cup of tea that was now cold. While Meredith was busy digging through my purse, I took the opportunity to grab the cup of tea and slowly pour it over her head. She gasps in shock with her hands still clutch around my purse.

“For a lady of your status in society, you really have no shame in any means of getting what you want. I expect you to have class and sophistication, but you have neither.” I grab my purse from her, well aware of the scene we have just caused, but I couldn’t help but add one more insult. “And your actions just now prove that you are nothing but a low-class savage.”

I turn around and headed for the exit. I heard Meredith shriek in frustration as I leave the building. I have no doubt that Lydia is trying to calm down her mother from causing a bigger scene. God bless her heart for having the patience to deal with such a mother.

I wouldn’t even be here in the first place if I didn’t have sympathy for Lydia when she called and begged me to meet with her mother. After today’s incident, this is where I draw the line.

As I drove home, I suddenly remember why I had cut all ties with them.

It was a cold autumn night in the middle of September. I had come home after spending the day at my best friend Jade’s house. As soon as I walked through the door, I could already feel that something wasn’t right. Dad was sitting on the recliner in the dark living room, waiting for me. I had walked over to him, and before I could even say anything, he got up and slapped me. I could still feel the stinging pain on my right cheek even as I sat in the car right now.

As it turns out, Lydia had gotten beat up after school by some of the mean girls for unknown reasons. I was blamed for not waiting for her and not taking her home after school. What I recalled that morning was that Meredith had told me she would be picking up Lydia after school. With that in mind, Jade and I made plans to hang out.

That night, after my dad had slapped me, he had kicked me out of the house. It seemed like he already got it planned, more like someone had it planned out. Meredith came downstairs, with all of my belongings, and threw them on the ground as if they were worthless. I saw the smirk on her face and knew I was set up. There was no way she would allow anyone to harm Lydia, and if they did, she’d go after them. Plus, Lydia always stayed away from problems. It makes no sense that anyone would go after her.

What I never got to tell my dad that night was my side of the story. He never listened. He stopped listening to me the day Meredith entered his life. It was always Meredith and Lydia before me. Soon, my birthdays were forgotten, and I was forbidden to attend any formal events that our relatives would throw. It was like my dad had completely forgotten about me and I was like a random person just living there.

When he kicked me out, I had called aunt Jolene, only to find out that my phone was already cut off. I used the spare change I had in my pocket and took a cab to aunt Jolene’s house. She was the only person who cared for me when my dad turned away from me. Aunt Jolene was furious when I had told her what happened. She was about to march right over there and give her a piece of her mind, but I stopped her. There was no point.

Since then, I’ve been living with aunt Jolene, and continue to live my life to the fullest.

I pull up to the driveway to find an unfamiliar car already parked in my usually spot. There were two unknown men wearing tight black t-shirts and black jeans with an earpiece in each of their ears. They stood at the entrance of the house as if they were guarding something.

I got out of the car and made my way to the house. When I made it to the door, the two men gently nod their heads in acknowledgement and respect. As soon as I enter the house, I could hear Aunt Jolene’s laughter in the second living room. As I got closer, I could also hear a deep male voice. The two were talking and laughing as if they were good friends. I have met all of aunt Jolene’s friends and ex-lovers, and I have never heard of this voice before.

I enter the living room and saw one of the most notorious mafia leaders sitting across the table from aunt Jolene. Lucien Moretti.

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