Rise of the Jewish Overlord

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The bulling of his classmates and racism of his teachers have pushed Kenny to his limits. For all his life, he was discriminated against because of his religion, but he is not going to take it anymore. He fights back, bringing Jews all around the nation together, taking down whoever is in his way. However, his friends turn against him, taking everything from him. As his life fills with grieve, he joins a secret society, not knowing it’s actual intention. As he sinks deeper and deeper into his problems, his friend decided to help him by going to China. Please read you guys ;)

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The start of the end

Everything is hopeless to Kenny now, all this happened to him because his racist classmate devastated his life. He thinks back to when his life was still like any other children.

It was a sunny day, when Kenny was out enjoying Passover. He has decided to make a tea party with his parents, using the tea pot his grandfather left him before he died. However, he didn’t know his family is about to be ruined.

“Hey Kenny, can you pass me the bread please?” his dad asked, as Kenny handed over the basket of bread and butter. When he was about to go back to drinking his tea, he heard a loud noise. *CRASH! Kenny turned around, as the tea pot his grandfather gave his shattered into a hundred pieces. “Take that you dirt kìke!” a voice shrieked loudly as a group of children went out from behind the bush.

It was Kenny’s classmates. They always bullied him because he was a Jew. Angered, Kenny stared at them, but he couldn’t do anything to them, as it would have made his family’s life really difficult. At last, he chose to do what any kid would do when this kind of thing happens...

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