Allured Series#1-Captivated By Your Heart

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Geniesis Jeyne C. Rutherford is an Attorney who's a former member of Empress, a Mafia Organization. She wanted to forget her past, where she could easily kill someone and fight for her life. Until she met the love of her life and got married. She thought that it is already a Happy Ending between her and Michael Zeus Stevan, her husband. When she found out that her husband got kidnap by her Rival, The DarkWeb Organization. Now, She want her husband back. She want to take revenge to the person who kidnap her Husband. She want revenge and kill everyone who will be the hindrance to save her husband.

Action / Humor
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"Where's my Husband?!" Jeyne shouts from the Founder of Black Mafia, the founder shuddered when he saw how angry the Empress Wrath was

"I don't know" Founder replied tremblingly to Jeyne

Jeyne grinned at it and took the Founder's baby

"You won't answer?!" She shouted at the man again, the Founder almost begged in front of Jeyne

"He's in the Dark Web! He's not in here! Please let go of My Dau-daughter! I am begging you" the Founder cried and trembled , Jeyne smiled at it then pointed the gun at his forehead

"Sorry not Sorry" she said, then she pull the trigger, the sound of the gun inside the room immediately resounded

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