Remembering Sam genovasi

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17 year old Sam genovasi is the next queen and hair the to Italia Mafia, at the age of five all she has ever known was family is everything, Sam is everything but innocent, all she's even known is kill or be killed, All 16 years of life she's had the love of her parents and older brother, and uncle, and she was fine with that, but when you fall in love with someone only to lose almost everything only two years after you fine there love of your life, will Sam give up and let every thing she worked hard for or will she keep fighting for the ones she has lost and the one she still has? Devola it's what they call me now days it's the reputation I gave myself it's who I've become ever since three years ago to say I changed would be a understatement, jay would be angry with me for becoming like this.... But shit happens when you lose the ones you love, madra would be sad she all ways said when people died or they leave you look up to the sky and say goodbye but I could never bring myself to do it, padra would yell at me saying to get my head in the game 😔 he was all ways the one to liten up a bad situation but nothing could litten up this felling, and David my sweet David he would have said he'd stick by my side tell the day we died, said he'd love me till death do us part, I doubt he'd ever remember though, devil is one word to describe me but it's just one of many,and I like it

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