The Boy and his Tormentor

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The boy's years of youth were nothing but a pain. The girl teased him, taunted him, and emotionally drained him. To the point of when you looked in his eyes, you could see nothing but dull hazel eyes with the green highlights showing boldly through. Eventually the girl has to move for a year, during that time the boy known as Daniel became the schools worst bad-boy, who also was the world's best assassin only killing those who deserve it (unless someone REALLY piss him off then he does a killing spree). Fights left and right taught everyone to fear him. The eyes that were so emotionally drained, were not emotionally drained but held one emotion to everyone. That was Anger. Until the girl who tormented him returned, he had to force back memories that were so cleverly hidden. The girl only tormented him because she felt jealous, and liked him. The girl returned with a purpose, apologize and get him to like her. When she saw who he had become, her plan was basically foiled. He fought anyone and everyone who came near him regardless of who they were. Somehow she has to become friends with the person who never shows up, fights 24/7, and doesn't care about anything.

Action / Fantasy
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Daniel's Past and A/N

I was known as Daniel. I was always told by my parents that they were deadset on the name not even a week after they found out that their baby was going to be a boy. I was the second oldest with an older sister, Cristina, who I loved and looked up to. She was in college when I started middle school so she was there to protect me when my tormentor, Bailey, had begun her daily verbal abusing during elementary school. She continued her constant taunting all the way until she left for a year to who knows where. She left during my second year of high school, it would of been third year for her because she got to skip a grade in elementary. From year to year it progressed from the small words, (loser) to more hurtful words, like 'You don't belong here, go return to your dump of a home before they throw it away.' Yep it get to the point that I basically was deaf to them and I couldn't feel any emotions when I was in school. I felt like the part of school that makes you feel safe, was the main reason I felt the switch from calm and happy, to the anger-filled eyes everyone so desperately fears as I walk into my first day of high school. I felt that switch turn off that held each of my emotions as I blocked them from my mind. The anger eyes was all I needed to make everyone fear me, except for Bailey. She always says that it is a fake look. When really, I just have flipped switches in my brain that control the rest of my emotions.

Authors note:
I will make to rest of the chapters longer. I just had to make this one shorter because it was his past and life summary up to his freshman year of high school. This story will start on the first day of high school in the next chapter. Also I will try to remember to introduce characters as I go. I just had a sudden urge to wright so that is what I did.


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