The Wolf & The Blade

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Chapter 2


The bright mid-afternoon sun woke me from my alcohol induced slumber. I made it to the bed last night, that’s a small miracle. I rolled from the bed, trying to keep my balance as I swayed slightly on my way to my bathroom. Splashing cold water on my face, I hoped it would make me look more alive than I feel. A hard knock on my bedroom door made me groan out loudly.

“What?!” I shouted, staring at myself in the mirror. God I look half dead.

“Prez wants to see you.”

Ugh, great. I don’t really feel like being lectured for my tendency to sleep the day away again. Makes me feel like a child. I roughly pushed my dark hair back from my face and put on a fresh shirt before making my way from my room and down the stairs to the Prez’ office.

“You summoned me?” I said, pushing open the door without knocking. He rolled his eyes at me and gestured towards the chair in front of his desk. I sat, leaning back and crossing my legs.

“Need you to follow Bee around this afternoon.” Bee was his Old Lady, his wife really. We were almost at war with another club, so anyone that could be used as leverage was always kept under guard. And since she was also pregnant, she was never without protection. It seems like it as my turn for babysitting duties.

“Sure, how late are we staying out for?”

“Not long, she has to grab a few groceries and she’ll probably drag you to get dinner. She’s eating more than me these days,” he muttered.

“On it Prez. She waiting in the bar?”

He nodded and I got up to collect my boots and cut from my room. I walked into the bar to see some of my brothers already drinking. I couldn’t wait to join them tonight. Booze was the only thing that kept the nightmares away.

“Blade! Finally, lets go,” Bee yelled, grabbing my hand and dragging me to her truck. “I wanted to get food first, I’m so fucking hungry.”

I just laughed at her as I got in the driver’s seat, waiting for her to buckle up before driving out of the gates and towards town. “Macey’s Diner?” I asked and she nodded enthusiastically. The rest of the drive consisted of her talking at me about her plans for their nursery and their baby name ideas. She didn’t really need my input, I just nodded and agreed where she needed me to.

Were all women like this? She just did not shut up. I had little to no experience with keeping up a conversation with women. I didn’t need to talk much to the club whores before I got what I needed from them. And no woman has ever piqued my interest enough to be more than a one-night stand.

Finally, we pulled into the parking lot, next to a beautiful little sports bike. It must belong to someone from out of town because I have not seen it around here before. Probably some rich daddy’s boy that got lost on his way to Vegas.

But I had to be sure, because it could be a friend of our rival MC, the Black Vipers. They had connections to the cartel, I wouldn’t put it past them to go to them for some extra firepower to kick off a brutal gang war.

Getting out of the truck, I lead Bee into the diner, the bell above the door chiming as we entered. With a quick glance around I could see it was the usual crowd, all locals. Who owned the bike then?

Bee made her way to a booth in the far corner as I followed, sliding on to the seat with my back to the wall and a direct line of sight to the front door. Amy, the always perky waitress sauntered over to us. Her black skirt was inappropriately short and she had one to many buttons undone on her blouse, her bleach blonde hair as pulled in a ridiculously high and tight ponytail and she wore makeup that was a few shades too dark for her.

I didn’t particularly like her, she shamelessly flirted with all the bikers and could barely do her job, too distracted with batting her fake eyelashes to get their orders right. I guess she had hopes of catching one of us in her snare, but we all lumped her in with the club whores, an easy screw but nothing more.

“What can I get you, handsome?” She asked, attempting to be seductive while she obnoxiously chewing on a piece of gum. I nodded towards Bee, encouraging her to order first.

“I’ll have the buttermilk chicken burger, extra curly fries and a vanilla milkshake.”

Amy rolled her eyes at Bee before writing down her order and turning towards me again. “The same, with a beer,” I muttered.

“Sure thing babe.” She strutted off, swaying her hips.

“Yuck,” Bee chuckled. “She gets worse every time.”

“She sure does. Hey, did you see anyone you didn’t recognise when we walked in?”

“No, I don’t thin-“ Bee paused as the door to the unisex bathrooms opened next to me. Her eyes ere wide as she looked at whoever had just walked out. Instinctually I stiffened, my hand moving to the handgun tucked to my lower back.

They walked past our booth and my eyes almost popped out of my head. Her skin-tight jeans hugged her perfect ass and long legs firmly, her glossy black hair sat in perfect waves down her back over her leather jacket. I noticed the diner become silent as she glided past the other booths and towards the counter. Seems like every male in the place had their eyes on her.

“Here you go,” Amy muttered, pulling me from my trance as she placed our food and drink in font of us. I could see her shooting angry glares at the mystery woman who was now standing at the counter with an impassive look.

I could only nod at Amy before my eyes went back to the raven-haired woman. She was beautiful. The red lipstick she was wearing highlighted her insanely kissable lips, and her dark, long eyelashes framed her grey-blue eyes.

“Careful buddy, you’re drooling,” Bee giggled, tossing a wadded-up napkin at my face.

I rolled my eyes at her. It wasn’t my fault, its not like we regularly got new people in town, especially ones that look like they just stepped off a runway.

I started stuffing my face while my food was still hot and Bee started droning on again between bites, chancing one more glace towards the mystery woman.


She caught my eyes and smirked at me as she took her takeaway coffee from a sulking Amy. I probably looked like an idiot, my mouth still overstuffed with burger and I could feel some sauce on my cheek. Great first impression. She smiled at Amy, but it didn’t reach her eyes, picked up her helmet and walked out the door.

Oh! She’s the bike owner. I visibly relaxed feeling confident that she wasn’t a threat. Probably just passing through.

“Are you even listening to me?” a grumpy Bee snarled, her arms folded across her chest. If she could breathe fire, she would.

“Bee, I’m sorry. But you know this baby stuff doesn’t interest me.”

“I wasn’t even talking about the baby, idiot. I was asking about that girl. Have you seen her around here before? She looked like she belonged on a movie set.”

“Oh, um. Yeah, no. I haven’t seen her before. Doubt she’ll be around long.”

But I hoped she would be.

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