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This about an entire school that's called superpower Ed school has student's who has superpowers except one that doesn't know he has powers but superpower Ed high school is not the only school that has superpower students there are villains high school that the whole students in that school are bad people and there's a school where villains and superhero goes to school that's called co-ed High School and Wellston high school where seraphina and john went. And the title Superpower of Ed stands for superpower of Education. This contains cussing to so don't report me.

Action / Fantasy
Andrew Rhodes
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Chapter 1 Andrew The Crippled

(Okay everyone in this story has powers except andrew and his parents that's what andrew thinks so he transferred schools he used to go to co-ed high school but he had to transfer you will find out in the story soon).

Andrew gets inroled into superpower ed school he walks into the class room the teacher says everyone i know it's in the middle of the school year but we have a new student go on introduce yourself he says okay my name is andrew and i am your new classmate.

The teacher says ok my name is Mr. Thomson he says nice to meet you Mr.Thomson he says okay go sit down we have to begin okay guys he starts talking someone walks to andrew and says hi my name is Samantha call me sam for short.

Andrew says okay nice to meet you she smirks and says hey i have a question what's your ability he says actually i don't have one she says what did you say.

He says i don't have an ability she pushes him and she says STAY THE HELLLLL AWAY FROM ME i can't believe i wasted my time talking to a weakling like you.

He hears people speaking saying wow so sad he doesn't have any ability i feel bad for him and someone says i don't he is weak he needs to be taught a lesson.

Right dude let's go jump him after class (the bell rings) he says okay lunch he gets up and walks two people follow him and he gets out of school the two people grabs him.

And slams him against the wall andrew says hey now i don't want any trouble the guy says nether do we so you have to do what we say when we say it because we are number 3.5 of the Super powered student's that means i am one of the middle ranks and there's an hierarchy that everyone follows and Alex here is 3.4.

And your a crippled so your at the very bottem so he see's someone he says HEY CAN YOU HELP ME the guy says hey guy how dare you talk to the queen of turf wars.

He says listen when we speak to you his eyes glows and then he actives his ability and he tries to punch him and he dodges it and then punches him in the face and the other guy points out his hand.

The girl says in her head two against one that is not fair but the guy that points out his hand andrew goes and puts his arm around him and says stop it let me go or I'll hurt him.

And the guy still charges at andrew but andrew says here have him back and he throws him at the guy okay now it's time for the update.

The guy who tried to punch andrew is name alex his ability is super punch his rank is 3.4 and the other guy is named levi his ability is needles he shoots from his hand and his rank is 3.5 and andrew is still a crippled and the queen her name is sera and her rank God and she is 8.9 her ability unknown.

Okay at all the school there's turf wars and there's a queen and a king and a jack and a healer and those are for turf war each school has a turf war and they compete against school they fight in each turf wars.

Andrew is at lunch he says okay got my cake okay every month they serve chocolate volcano cake in the cafeteria and who ever goes there early gets a piece and people likes that cake.

Okay i am ready to dig in i can't believe i got the last piece of cake yum. sera says hey wait give me that cake crippled I've been waiting all day for a piece and you just got here so give me.

He says no it's mine you snooze you loose she says what i said give me that cake he puts his arm out and when she goes to reach it he drops it and says oops everyone laughs at her someone says oh it's a standoff between the crippled and sera she says how dare you.

Her eyes glows and she hits him and he goes flying towards the wall she walks to him and grabs him by his tie she yells and says HOW DARE YOU HUMILIATE ME LIKE THAT I AM A GOD RANK AT THIS SCHOOL AND WHAT ARE YOU NOTHING YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SH!T I AM GOING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE SO MISERABLE YOU LITTE @sshole.

She walks away and he goes to the infirmary at the school he says hi I'm the school doctor my name is John i used to go to this school i acted like i was a crippled and then i fought everyone here and you probably heard of the joker here like 6 years ago i was the joker.

He says really i don't care they forgiven you so i have to so can you help me out he says sure he gives him a juice and says this will heal you right up so you met sera daughter Sandra the god rank like her mom she always calls herself sera but that is not her name she calls herself her mom because she acts like her when i used to go to school here.

Yeah and you have to stay here until you heal you broke your arm and your leg so that will take 4 hours to heal so sit tight i will excused you from most of your class today.

And wait and you remind me of my son his name is andrew and he is 17 right now but i gave him up at birth he says my name is andrew and i am 17 oh my god your my son i am a crippled that destoryed everyone i have no powers oops i gave you false information now sit tight and wait.

Okay outside of the docs room levi says alex what happened to my notebook he says i ripped it so what he says then I'll end you he shoots needles at him and he goes flying to another room and then alex gets up and alex superpunches levi John hears fighting outside he says hold on really quick and you shall not leave here when I'm gone John says levi and alex why are y'all fighting levi says because i let alex borrow my notebook and he tears it apart for no reason so now i shall end him.

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