Superpower of Ed School

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Chapter 2 Turf Wars

John says levi, alex if you don't knock your sh!t off you are going to the office it's just a FμCKING NOTEBOOK you can get another one.

Levi says i shouldn't have to now your going to get it he shoots needles at him and alex punches him john says that's enough let's go to my infirmary NOW he grabs levi and alex and brings them to the infirmary.

They sees andrew alex says well well well you got beat up by Sandra sera's daughter the queen of turf war we win every year we are the only school that has a rank God in turf wars.

Levi says yeah we do, not to brag but i am Jack of turf wars andrew says oh good for you so whose the king of turf wars he says he is Arlo's son his name is James okay andrew says okay whose the healer he says it's Elaine daughter Samantha it's Sam for short.

He says oh i met her she's a little b!tch because she hurt me when i told her i don't have an abil...... Levi says don't you DARE call our healer a b!tch i am going to kill you he gets angry and shoots needles at him.

And he dodges and then leaves bye b!tch john says you tried to attack Andrew my so......n oh no i mean the student both of you got detention after school in here and y'all will be helping me go threw these files alex says why me i didn't attack the crippled.

He says because you called him a crippled that's why so bye see you after school the both boys leave and alex says hey don't you have turf wars after school how are you going to go to turf wars if we have detention.

He says how about when we get there i will tell him i need to go to the restroom and then i will go to turf wars and if he asks what's taking so long say that he left because my mother was calling me for a family emergency.

He says good idea we are going to be late for class they run to class 🏃 🏃 andrew goes to Sandra he says hey i know your name is not sera that's your mom's name and your name is Sandra.

Sandra says so what crippled what's it to you i am the most powerful goddess in the school someone says not exactly Sandra mom approaches sera is short for Seraphina sera says actually your the powerful student goddess in the school.

Hi sweety whose this he says hi I'm Andrew she says okay what's your ability he says actually i don't have one I'm a crippled sera says i know someone who acted like a crippled when i went to school here he called himself joker and he kept sending students to the hospital and he was the second powerful student.

Sandra says you mean the school doctor John he is at the infirmary she says okay hold that thought Andrew says before you go in there i am John's son he is my birth father she says are you really a crippled he says yes i am i never got my ability even if i do i don't know what it is.

Sandra says I'll help you find what your ability is sera says good now i am going to visit the school doctor she opens up the door she see's him and he gets up and she kisses him and then slaps him i can't believe you abandoned me and then gave our baby up at birth.

Andrew says wait your my mother she says yes i am and the school's power development teacher i help students find there powers deep within them like you if you don't have powers it's because you didn't unlock them.

(The school bell rings) she says okay school's over now Andrew tomorrow i will help you find your power's like Sandra she has two powers and that's Time manipulation and Aura Manipulation and John i was hoping you will come back home he says yes i will for our son and daughter.

Levi and alex goes to the infirmary Levi says hey are we late he says no just in time Sandra says Levi what you doing here we have turf war to be at today John says they are in detention she says but dad if he doesn't go we lose.

Levi see's andrew he says what's the crippled doing here Sandra says actually turns out he's my brother John and sera had another kid Andrew he is my brother he just didn't discover his ability because he had no one to help him to discover it.

Levi says really so he can possibly be rank God she says yep levi says i just beat the crap out of a possible God they both get scared levi says sorry for beating you up alex says yeah sorry Sandra says guys let's go to turf wars John says fine go to turf war but tomorrow you have detention.

Sera says why do they have detention he says because levi tried to beat up our son because he was a crippled and alex keeps calling my son a crippled so that's why.

She says oh andrew i am so sorry let's go and how would you love to live with us he says yes so turf wars superpower Ed school is going up against co-ed school and the king says James why are you always challenging us we keep losing he says because eric you need to learn your lesson.

He says fine okay Andrea your up she says let's go James says Sandra your up she says let's do it she cracks her kneck and then says let's go her eye's glows and she moves fast so fast no one see's her but to everyone she is standing still but her powers are Time Manipulation and Aura Manipulation and she knocks her to the ground and hurts her and then she stands still.

The king pulls her out okay you win now next Sherrie your up she says let's destory these guys and he says levi your up he says let's do this her powers are the same as alex superpunch ability.

She says you are in trouble now she runs to him and he shoots her and she goes flying she surrenders and the Superpower Ed school wins another turf war.

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