Superpower of Ed School

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Chapter 3 Discovering Andrew's Abilities

The next day Andrew is at the superpower ed school and in class of superpower development class sera says class we are here today to discover all of your powers so everyone doesn't know what their powers are so.

Andrew come here he gets up and stands next to her she says okay i want you to close your eye's and think hard and focus all of your energy and think of power his eye's starts to flicker she says okay now focus harder he focuses harder and time stands still and he opens his eye's and it goes back to normal.

She says see guys all you have to do is focus on your power and now let me scan you to see if this is only your power she scans him and she locates three powers in him she says how is this possible he says what she says no one ever has three powers in this school.

Every one starts talking she says hush people they stop talking she says three of your powers are Time Manipulation and Aura Manipulation and lazer beams that goes out of your hands.

She says yes my son has three now let see if we can discover two of them tomorrow now class is over guys get out everyone leaves and she says my son just moved up to 4.5 rank he is almost to God rank he is probably the strongest person in school if he unlocks his two powers tomorrow.

Andrew see's Sandra and she says hey do you know what your powers are he says yes i discovered one of them it's Time Manipulation and now i am going to discover to of them tomorrow but those are Aura Manipulation and Lazer Beams.

Sandra says whoa you have three power's that's really rare in a school like this there is no one here that has three abilities and i heard mom say that you are rank 4.5 that fast you were rank 1.2 now you are rank 4.5 he activates his ability.

And she is frozen and he moves to another position beside her and he deactivates it and she says you have the same ability like me hey is it cool that you can move fast and you can feel like everyone is standing still when you use that ability.

He says yes it's cool i never used an ability before in my life and she told us we have to focus on the power to find it and activate it so that's what I'm going to do so he closes his eye's and he remembers what she said she is in his mind talking to him she says (think hard and focus all of your energy and think of power his eye's starts to flicker she says okay now focus harder he focuses harder)

He opens his eye's and he see's levi use his ability he copies his ability and then he shoots needles on the ground she says woah you are using his ability you unlocked another ability and why is levi using his ability.

And why is he shooting the lockers levi hears her and he says because i want to train more for turf wars next week she says okay good we all need to train except me.

She says okay andrew now you need to unlock your last ability now you pushed your rank to 8.9 like me and if you unlock your last ability you will be rank 10.9 powerful then everyone in the entire school.

And that means you are a super god but not right now you are 8.9 that means you are a God rank hey brother do you want to fight later by using our ability we're the same rank so this should be fun.

He says yes let's do it they head home and at night they go to sleep and at 4:00 in the morning they wake up and she says brother ready to fight he says let's do it at the park they goes to the park.

And she says let's fight he activates his abilitys and she does to and she charges at him and he uses Time Manipulation and she stays frozen and they he knocks her down and says one for me zero for you she says lessen one never leave your guard open she trips him and she uses the same one and she punches him multiple times.

He gets mad and he says you should of not done that now i am mad she says brother we're just playing he says i don't want to play no more he closes his eye's and then focuses harder on his energy of his powers and he unlocks the last one and then shoots lazer beams at her and she dodges it and she uses her Aura Manipulation and copies that and she uses Lazer beams at him.

And he gets hit and he goes down she says sorry brother you need nap man that took alot out of me wow now i know not to fight Andrew he just unlocked another power now he is at his final rank Super God rank and that's 10.9 rank he wakes up she says that's fast she runs the other way and he uses all of his ability and he shoots it at her and she goes flying.

She says oww my arm she says brother stop john and sera wakes up and see's them she runs out and he does to sera says andrew don't do it andrew still about to and sera says okay you left me no choice she uses her ability and she punches him and she says there put him inside.

She says Sandra what the was that she says me and andrew was messing around and play fighting with abilities and he got mad and was trying to kill me she says you guys are grounded and you guys are going to do some cleaning tomorrow don't worry andrew is going to clean to now go to sleep now and give me y'alls phone and stuff tomorrow morning they all goes to sleep.

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