Superpower of Ed School

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Chapter 4 Grounded Weekend

Sandra wakes up first and she says good i am the only one up first whoa wait it's to quiet she goes to everyone's room she says where is every one she looks at her watch.

She says oh crap i woke up for no reason it's Saturday sera yells HEY SANDRA BREAKFAST she says I'm coming she goes downstairs she eats it and she says now after y'all eat give me y'alls phone she says but why mom andrew says no i don't need you i just barley knew i had parents i am stronger then both of you so no.

Sera yells at him WHAT THE FμCK DID YOU SAY HOW DARE YOU TALK TO YOUR PARENTS LIKE THAT YOU EMBARRASSING PIECE OF SH!T John says hey honey don't talk to our son like that remember how you didn't like how your mom talked to you like that.

And been mean to you so don't do the same to our son she says don't compare me to my mother he says well don't act like your mother (sera mother's name is Narisa) she says your right I'm sorry andrew and if you don't give me your phone i will take it away still he pulls it out and goes on it.

She reaches for it and he pulls away she says give it to me he says fine here he gives it to her and then she says go clean your room and then clean the leaves outside and don't use your guys ability.

And the sandra you clean your room and the living room and find me when y'all done she leaves and andrew says hey she not around let's go fast he runs fast and cleans his room and so does Sandra (6 hours later) sera says hey we're back wait something isn't right here y'all did this too fast John says yes something doesn't isn't right here.

Sera says Did y'all use your abilities if y'all did y'all are grounded for another two days Sandra says no i didn't use any abilities Andrew says no i didn't use any of my abilities she says okay if y'all use your abilities y'all are in trouble go to bed now.

They go to sleep and so does them and the next day Sandra and Andrew is in the living room talking Sandra says okay this our last day and then we are ungrounded i can feel it they go outside and goes for a walk 🚶🚶 Andrew says i am glad i am not a crippled now i am the strongest God-tier in school.

So no one will stand against me someone in a van watches them he turns on the van and drives and almost hits them they dodged it and the person says I'm so sorry i didn't see you their i am sorry she says it's okay we're okay.

Another person says we are truly sorry tho someone runs at them andrew says sandra watch out she dodges him and they all pull out a knife Sandra says i knew it, it's a trap they active their abilities the people runs at them they used lazer beams and shoots it at them and two of them sticks a needle in them.

Sandra and Andrew makes them go flying and another one stabs them and they says in their head are they trying to kill us they knocks the person out and one of them escapes and they go back home Sandra says to Andrew faintly and...rew he says to Sandra faintly i do.....nt kn...ow th.....ey tr.....ied t..o ki.....ll u.....s they goes home.

And falls and John see's them and yells NOO SERA COME HERE she says what is with all that yelling she see's them she YELLS NOOO WHAT HAPPENED he says hold on he scans them and he see's a needle opening he says look their she says oh crap do you think it's the ember who tried to go after our kids because they failed to go after me.

And now they went after them we have to call Elaine she's a healer she will heal them i can't believe this is happening to my kids now people at school is going to beat them up she takes out her phone and dials Elaine she picks up and says hello she says Elaine i need you to come to our house the address is she tells her their address.

She says okay i am coming why do you need me she says because our children are hurt by ember come hurry she says okay coming and i am bringing my daughter samantha she says okay hurry tho.

She hangs up and says okay now we wait 30 mins later Elaine knocks on their door sera answers it and says come here this way they look at them and sam says why is andrew hurt why does the ember target him he's a crippled Elaine says no he is actually a super God and that's 10.9 rank he has three abilities now start healing.

She says these wounds are just like when you got attacked by them even the needles don't worry two months after the drugs where off they will be back to their normal selves.

She says okay good they start healing them they said there now can we go sera says Yes they both leaves and they stay unconscious most of the day.

They both wakes up Sandra and andrew runs to the bathroom and throws up and then Sandra says mom dad my abilities won't activate andrew says mine to sera says guys this happened to me to when i was about your age and the two months later my ability activated again.

Sandra says really it's not permanent sera says yes andrew says if people find out about this at school they are going to see if it's true by beating us up.

Sera says yup they will they did that to me so guys get some rest it's 10:00pm y'all are still little injured they goes to their rooms and so does them and they all goes to sleep.

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