Superpower of Ed School

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Chapter 5 Ability loss

Next morning they all awake and they are getting ready and Andrew yells DAMN IT i just found out i wasn't a cripple after all and now i am a crippled again because of some stupid mid-tiers injecting stuff in us.

John walks in on john talking to himself he says andrew i am sorry for this at wellston your mom had to go through this hole thing and i didn't want you guys there because we moved and now they opened a new school called Superpower of Ed so that's why.

Andrew says it's okay dad i am just pissed off because i was a crippled all my life and now i am a crippled again that is just bullsh!t i am leaving for school early i love you dad he leaves.

Sandra says dad don't worry about us we will be fine i am upset to because i am a cripple now and that pisses me off to but i won't let my anger get the hold of me he says good have a nice day at school.

She leaves for school with her lunch bag John says oh sh!t andrew forgot his lunch hey sandra here take this to andrew she says okay bye love you he says love you to bye.

She leaves and she catches up with him she says here is your lunch you forgot about it he says Sandra how can you be not mad right now we just lost our ability she says i am sad that happened but mom said that in a few months it will recover.

That what mom powers did and now it became more powerful he says okay let's just go to school they walks to school and they walks in and someone bumps into Sandra the person says sorry the person says in her head what the isn't that Sandra why did i bump into her she can easily dodge my bumps.

The person says hi Sandra I'm Erica she says hi what do you want she says nothing she see's another person bumb into Erica and Erica says watch it loser Erica punches the guy and he says sorry i d-didn't mean to Sandra steps in and punches her she says know your place.

Erica says in her head is Sandra the queen correcting me but w-why she yells at Sandra NO YOU CAN'T CORRECT ME @SSHOLE YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT she runs and hits her Erica says in her head what she is not using her abilities i think she is powerless.

I need to put this on the school articile but first proof she grabs Andrew and Sandra and kicks them down the stairs and then takes a photo and then an hour later she writes the article.

And people reads it and it shows a picture of them falling and it says Sandra and andrew is fallen Sandra haves no abilities and so does her brother.

Someone says it's true then they really have no abilities another one says is this good news now they can actually be beaten now another one says i am going to beat them up Sandra says oh no the news got out fast and now they will target us andrew says oh crap now they can beat us.

The guy see's them and runs and hits andrew in the face Sandra says who are you he says my name is zeke you should really no your place Sandra and Andrew will be known as cripples.

Sandra says you asshole how dare you talk to your queen like that zeke says no you are not our queen no more now we need to find someone to challenge you for the throne hmm high rankers tho hmm should it be my sister who goes to this school she has electrified ability to she is a high ranker she is 7.0 and her name is Abigail.

She see's zeke she says hey bro wait is that sandra the crippled ha i am the most powerful high rankers now out of the girls he says okay how would you like to be queen of turf wars she says yes i would love to.

He says okay all you have to do is beat her in a challenge and that is at turf wars challenging spot they goes there and Sandra says i should surrender abby is going to defeat me andrew says then try your best.

Abby says let's go crippled zeke says ready...... Fight abby gets ready to fight she runs and picks her up and says this should be easy all i have to do is activate my ability and then you will be electrocuted but not to death but if i go full power then you will be electrocuted to death but only little power here i go she activates her ability and Sandra get electrocuted.

And she losts her title she says there now i am queen of turf wars and she is nothing she kicks her and then she walks away andrew says Sandra get up he helps her up and they go home and andrew calls Sam she answers her phone and she says Sandra what do you want.

He says actually it's me it's sandra she's hurt she says okay fine I'm coming I'll be there in 10 mins i am close to your house anyway 10 mins later she knocks on the door andrew answers it.

Sam says what the hell happened andrew says zeke sister challenged her and she beat her and now zeke's sister is the new queen of turf wars.

Sam says oh okay I'll heal her because she is my friend she heals her half way sam says this is all i can do you need to have your dad heal her by medicine he says okay thank you for your help.

She ignores his thank you and leaves he says she didn't even say welcome that bitch oh well i will deal with her later i think they only took two of our powers they left me with Time Manipulation and they took all of her powers but not mine like i said I'll deal with her tomorrow at school.

He says dad can you come here real quick John come and John says what do you want he says can you heal her john says why what happened he says someone challenged her to a turf war for the queen position and the girl won her name is Abigail and dad i still have one power and that is Time Manipulation.

John says how do you know andrew says because i know he activates his ability and pushes him john says whoa you still have your Time Manipulation cool okay get some rest guys y'all had a crappie day they all head to sleep.

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