Superpower of Ed School

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Chapter 6 Sandra the crippled

Everyone is at school andrew says sandra stay close to me i don't want people to hurt you she says why you don't have an ability to he says actually i do i have one of my ability and that's Time Manipulation.

She says really why do you have one of your ability and i don't he says because they only took two of our powers but they didn't know that i had three she says really so i am a failure.

He says no you are not sister don't say that look how about i challenge james and dethrone him i will be the new king of turf wars and people won't hurt you zeke approaches them he says hey cripples he pushes them andrew gets mad i am not a cripple and don't push me he activates his ability and knocks him off his feet.

He says you have one of your ability and that's Time Manipulation he says yes i do now i am going to challenge James for the king position he says no you can't you will make him a failure.

He says well you made my sister a failure he says well she is a crippled so she deserved it he says no nobody deserves that so i am doing that to your king so let him know you little asshole zeke turns around and andrew says wait first i need to beat the living crap out of you and then you will deliver that message.

He turns back around he says no please i am sorry that i did that to your sister or my sister did that to yours he says apology accepted just kidding not he punches him a couple times and then knees him and throws him now give that message to james or next time i won't stop.

He says okay i..i he runs to find james and he finds him and says james he says what.... What happened to you he says andrew beat the crap out of me just in case i don't get the message to you he says what message he says he wants to challenge you for the king throne.

And he has one of his abilities still he has Time Manipulation he says really so if i do challenge him i loose but if i surrender i still loose my throne anyways so i am going to fight him to get a couple hits so i am not the only one who is injured.

Okay zeke go tell him that challenge accepted at the turf wars challenging spot he says but why if i go he will beat me up worst so how about one of your friends he says don't tell me who i should pick to tell him i told you do go.

Now or I'll beat the crap out of you he says fine he runs back to andrew and he says so what did james say he says he said challenge accepted he says good now get lost loser he kicks him and he crashes into a wall zeke says faintly o....ow i n....need g...go th......the

Levi see's zeke and picks him up and says what happened to you he says and.....andrew happ....happened he is not a cr.....crippled he has one of his abili......abilities.

He says what he does alex hears levi and zeke conversation he says what as soon as they entered the school i punched him but not sandra i better not bumb into him today he runs and falls and he looks at someone's foot and he looks up and it's andrew and sandra he says andrew.

Andrew picks him up by his shirt and says so here you are little turp he says andrew i am sorry please don't hurt me he says hurt you i would never actually i want you to beg me not to he let's go of him and he says go on your knees and beg me not to hurt you.

He says okay i will he goes on his knee and leans and begs he says please don't hurt me i beg you please he knees him in his face and then punches him he says there i took it easy on you.

He says ow I'm bleeding i need to go to the infirmary he runs and he says i am not done with you he runs after him and he uses Time Manipulation and runs fast and super kicks him and he goes flying towards the lockers.

And he is injured worst then levi was his bones are broken then ever and both of John's kids walks away and someone else see's alex and says hey my name is Samuel he says faintly Dar......Darren so.....son i...i me......mean Well......Wellstons so....son

He says yes sir i am his son so everyone here knows each and everyone of our parents he says ye.....yes he says oh yeah he picks him up and he says can i ask what happened he says I...I'll te....tell la....later he says oh yeah tell me later he carries him to the hospital 3 hours later at the challenging spot.

Andrew says what's taking him so long james appears he says well I'm here he says oh i thought you were never show are you going to surrender or get your ass handled to you he says no I'll fight not surrender i won't go down without a fight he says very well then ready on the count of three.

One, Two, Three, they both runs at each other and James activates his shield on andrew and he dodges his shield and he punches james and james gets up and tries to hit him but he keeps missing and andrew picks him up and throws him and then kicks him.

He knocks him out and he says there i dethroned your king James now if y'all pick on my sister y'all will suffer under me so let everyone know they all leaves he says hey Sandra how was i she says you did good and i am grateful that you did that and i am sorry that in the middle of the school year i got mad over that cake.

And i beat you up sorry he says it's okay i love you sis remember that i am always here to protect you little sister let's head home.

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