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This is Kelly and Hunter Their story has just began This is a story of Kyle in a time where all that we knew existed in this world is no longer there instead it's destroyed and abandoned in a time frame known as Red reign the supernatural world gets out of the shadows and takes over. But will a love story like no other defy the rules set in the time or will they crumble under the brut reality

Action / Romance
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Green covered the vast land of the once was great city. Tall buildings standing the test of time stood everywhere. Maybe to prove the old theory that once laced the Mighty city that now lay in rambles covered on mould and decay.

The once bare land filled with tall skyscrappers now was covered in grean. It's funny coz long time when the city was a busy haven filled with pollution nothing grean could be seen in sight but now everything was deserted. No busy roads and traffic. No large crowds on the street pushing aganist each other. In fact not a single soul lived in this deserted city.

The once was city of.....

New York.

But this same city the same rumble still lay the largest city in the entire world. Ruled by the W.council.

The W city.

Kyle pushed aganist the gas as the car speed past the buildings towards the city that lay in the heart of all this destruction. The gravel hit the car from the sides as she held onto the steering wheel. She flipped her wrist watch open and said his name.

After a few seconds of processing his hologram came onto her wrist. She slowed down the car and looked at him. The car finally came to a halt. She kept the engine running before looking at him again.

He was busy looking at some files as a glass of whiskey lay on one of his hands. He didn't look up or even a knowledge her.

"Hunter." She said as she let out a sigh. He only took a sip of his whiskey before changing the files and taking another. He started looking through it.

"I didn't think you would call so soon." He drunk up the rest of his drink and placed the glass on the side and continued with his reading still not sparing her a glance.

Yes it was true he didn't expect her to call back so soon expecially not after what happened last time.

"Yah something came up." She said looking at him. Finally he looked up at her. His icy grey eyes looked at her.

She looked at him. She hadn't realized just how much she had missed those eyes looking at her. Scanning her body. Their eyes locking.

"We agreed no more." He said his voice cold. She let out a sigh as she run her hands through her hair she looked down.

"Yah. I know." She looked at him. He was her only way in if she was to get through with this mission successfully.

"Fine how long?" He turned away from her as he took a file. He knew how he was acting was cold but he still couldn't get over what happened.


"Fine." He added not looking at her as he ended the call.

She drove through the road at a faster pace since no one was even on the road.

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Kyle stood aganist the car as her feet tapped aganist the gravel. Hitting the small stones. Her hair covered her face as she continued with her little task.

She was nervous it wasn't a lie. She didn't know what to expect. He had acted so coldly to her although she knew she diserved it. She bit her lip. Why was she even thinking about this she shouldn't be. She looked up at the sky. The night had already set in. Stars traced the sky. The stars twinkled so brightly clearly showing the opposite of her emotions she wished she didn't feel this. Hurt. When he did that. Ignored her.

A white hova car stopped beside her car and he stepped out. He was clad in a black long robe with a t-shirt showing his well defined body. Black trousers. And black leather shoes.

She froze.

He froze.

It had been so long since she saw him. He looked even more handsome than the last time she saw him. Her eyes trailed his entire body as images of him aganist her crossed her mind his hands on every inch of her. His beautiful lips on every inch of her body. The mere thought of it did imaginable things to her body.

His eyes slowly traced her bodyas he took in her foam. She was wearing casual clothes. A white T-shirt black ripped jeans and white canvas. Despite this he still thought that she was the most beautiful girl he has ever layed his eyes on. But he couldn't he couldn't look at her like that. It wasn't part of the plan.

She stood up straight " Finally." She said her voice devoid of any emotion.

He threw a bag at her which she caught with ease before unzipping it. Inside was the W city dress code. She removed her t-shirt and was remaining only in her black lace bra. He looked away.

"It's not like you haven't seen this before," she said letting out a chuckle as she continued changing.

Yes he had seen her plenty of times naked against him. Moaning his name as he dove into her but he didn't trust himself to not take her right at that moment that's why he looked away.

"I am done." She stood looking at him. She had already disposed of the bag into her car with all her clothes.

He looked at her. His icy grey eyes stared down at her body as his eyes lingered on every curve of her. He subconsciously bit his lip. She looked so gorgeous.

"Come on!" He broke against his trance and entered the hovacar. She rolled her eyes and followed suit.

Soon they were hovering over the city. W city is a city with the tallest buildings ever the highest buildings housed the royal house and the council together with those of high rank. In the middle was the residents. It was quite lavish. Then the bottom lay the humans who served as servants. She looked out taking in the scene around her. She couldn't help but think of how different it was from home. As opposed to the city. Her town was a wolf pack which had a huge building at the center. Then around it was the other houses and shops. It had an old setting but it was rather homey. She often wondered how life was. Life before the red reign. Life before the supernatural took over the world.

Then her mind drifted drifted to the last time she saw Hunter.

"Why do you care anyway." Kyle took her jeans and pulled them on to her long smooth caramel legs. Her hair fell over her head as she buttoned. He lay on the bed his eyes roaming her.

He stood up and walked towards the walk in closet.

"I don't." He said coldly but his words didn't do justice to his thoughts and emotions.He did care he cared and wanted to know why.

She let out a sigh as she looked at his retreating form. He came out a minute later in pajama pants hanging dangerously.

"Could you...." She said motioning towards the zipper.

He walked towards her. She turned around as he stood behind her. She could smell his strong cologne taking over her senses. She loved the cologne maybe it wasn't it maybe it was the person who wore it. She shook that thought from her head. No she can't. Even if she did it was useless.

His hand grazed her skin making shivers race through her body as he pulled her hair out of the way. He slowly closed the zipper. She turned around and looked at him. His eyes locked with her beautiful hazel eyes and he felt himself get lost in them.

"I really want to tell you. "She said with a sigh "but I can't." He stepped away from her at her words. Her eyes darted to his movements and she felt her heart break into a million pieces. She did want to tell him but she couldn't. She was afraid.

She was afraid of change.

She didn't want to lose him. To lose this.

Despite the plan she found herself falling, falling into an abyss that had no end. An abyss that bore him. But she couldn't comprehend what exactly it was.

"It's just not as simple as you think." She looked away into the city. The large window looked upon. The city lights beamed as it showed it's brightness but at the same time it held cold. Cold within the members of it's residents ruthless people. She thought. Was he like them. Would he be like them? She didn't know the answer and yet she was still afraid of the answer if she ever found one.

"Then explain to me." For the first time since she met him. He pleaded he pleaded for her to tell him. But she couldn't she couldn't tell him. Her fear over took everything.

When she looked back at him he realized. He realized that he was just playing a hopeless game a game he wouldn't win for sure. He clenched his teeth and her heart shattered. He had built up the walls again. She didn't need anyone to tell her.

Would she be able to fix it by simply telling him about her mate situation? At that moment she wanted the Earth to open up and swallow her.

"Leave." He said more like a whisper which held so much pain hurt and disgust not for her but for himself and more importantly was the icy nature of it.

He has never told her this. In fact he wouldn't ever dream of it. Treating her like one of his conquests. But at that moment he didn't want to be near her. He didn't want to look at her and feel the pain that she wasn't his. The pain would be too great to bare.

*. *. *. *. *. *. *

"I see the new title comes with a new place." Her fingers traced the soft white fabric of the coach before her eyes roamed around. At the right was a huge window which was among one of the highest buildings you could see everything from there. White long curtains that swept the floor draped it. On the side was a mini bar .On the left was a glass with the W city mark upon it separating the sitting area from the red and white kitchen. Different sizes of carbinets we're aganist the wall and all the latest kitchen technology. Wcity was known for it's wonderful technology. Maybe part of the reason it was so successful. At the other side of the counter was the dining table of six.

She looked back at him after accessing the house. It was rather cold. No single plant in size. In her room her sister had made sure that it had plants on every free corner that was available.

His eyes looked back at her watching her every movement. He wanted to see her reaction to this he had personally choosen this house.

"It's good." She looked at him. Silence took over.

"Why are you here?" Breaking the silence he voiced his thoughts. It was a question that rang on his mind ever since her call earlier that evening.

"Well." She walked up to him. Her eyes roaming on his eyes nose his beautiful lips that she felt the need of kissing them at that instant. She stood a mere inch away from his body. She could feel the warmth radiating from his body. His eyes stayed trained on her. Her face came closer to his face her eyes locked on his lips before they looked at his eyes before her lips slowly grazed his lips lightly. "why don't we talk about that later.". She whispered but her voice came out breathy she could feel her body getting hotter and they hadn't even done anything yet.

His lips enveloped hers in a feirce kiss. fueled with anger and pain and longing. His hand held onto her neck deepening the kiss as another held her waist pulling her closer until not even a stand of hair could pass through. She circled her hands on his neck. His tongue dived into her mouth explored her mouth memorising every angle. Her mouth tasted like strawberries. She let out a soft moan and his hands tightened around her. She could feel his arousal aganist her.

She hoisted herself up and wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel him harder against her. She felt happy that she could get this reaction out of him even after how long they have been at this complicated situation that couldn't even be considered a relationship. They broke away from the kiss leaving her a breathless mess. His lips trailed her soft neck as he kissed and nibbled. His hands held her thighs steading her aganist him. Her head turned back as her eyes closed relishing this moment as his lips worshiped her. She let out a soft moan that made him smirk aganist her skin.

She felt her skin aganist something cold but she didn't care . She was finally in his arms. His hands fiddled with her top before the zip opened exposing her breasts. He pushed her roughly against the wall as her top slip from her body. His lips reigned kisses on her shoulder before his hand engulfed her tender breast making her arch her back at the sensation that ran through her body at the mere touch.

"I missed this." He said his voice husky before enveloping her lips in another kiss but this time filled with so much passion. His hand squeezed her breast making her moan as her hands tightened aganist his neck.

He walked towards his room still not breaking the kiss. He placed her down on the bed before hovering over her. She looked at him as he removed his shirt bitting her already swollen lips from the heat of the kisses they shared. Her eyes traced down his perfectly sculptured body. Her eyes roamed his god like hard body. His hands trailed her skin slowly from her neck as her eyes closed his hands left trails of fire against her skin his hands brushed over her soft tender breasts making her breath heave slightly at the gesture before stopping at her stomach. He worked on removing the highwaisted skirt. He slid the cloth slowly down her body his eyes trailing the moment assessing her skin. Soon she lay sprawled on the bed with her body exposed to his hungry eyes. He could feel himself getting harder with every second that passed that he looked at her vulnerable state.

Her eyes slowly opened before she sat up and unbuttoned his pants. Her eyes locked on his. He watched her. Finally they got rid of the clothes. He pushed her aganist the bed before engulfing her lips in a hungry and urgent kiss. His fingers grazed her core making her shudder before he nibbled and reigned kisses on her neck.

"Hunter!" She gasped as her nails dag into his back as his finger slid into her soft wet core.

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