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2years later

His hands caressed her soft skin tenderly his face burried in her neck. He could smell her scent that intoxicated him. She smelled like roses it brought a smile to his lips she had been using the shampoo he showed her. Her body was pressed against his as she slept, she was exhausted from the nights long vendetta. His lips softly grazed her neck making a smile form on her lips as she leaned further into his touch, seaking the warmth that he offered. His hand drew circles around her stomach softly. She felt his hand move slowly down her stomach as his lips continued planting kisses on her soft caramel skin.

"You are very naughty." She turned to face him he looked back at her his eyes roaming her face. He run a hand through her hair before placing her leg around his waist such that it wrapped around him. Her eyes flickered slightly as she felt him hard aganist her. He gave out a low groan at just the touch of her aganist him. He nipped her neck before planting a kiss and bringing her closer.

"Kyle wake up!" She heard a distant voice call her but ignored it as she kept her eyes closed and her hands wrapped around his neck pressing her mould against him, craving his touch.

"Kyle!"she heard the voice call her again. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around at her surroundings. The room was white and grey the shits covered their naked bodies she looked down as she tried to comprehend what was going on. She felt someone groan beside her she looked beside her but she couldn't make out his face. His face was burried in her neck she felt him position himself at her entrance making her gasp just as the guy looked up at her. But she couldn't see his face.

She jolted up on the chair as she looked around. She was in her car. She looked around her before her lay a bare land that was once used as a field of corn. She could feel her heart racing as she looked around once again. This was the third time she was having this dream and yet she couldn't figure out who the guy was or ever seen his face.

"You sleep like a log!"she looked beside her to the guy sitting beside her. He was looking through the map that was so large it almost covered his whole frame. He looked up at her before his eyes darted back to the map."had an interesting dream?" He turned the map focusing on something before looking back at her. She looked away as she remembered the dream that she had.

"Have you figured it out?" She took the bottle of water from the glove compartment and took a gulp of it.

"Not yet just a few more minutes."

"What idiot even invented this thing."

Rikki let out a chuckle and shook his head slightly.He took a magnifying glass before laying the map on the dashboard and opened the door. Kyle put the bottle down and got out too feeling a need to have some fresh air. They had been traveling for two consecutive days only taking potty breaks and going for shopping at the few shops that were scarcely located.

Rikki laid the map on the bumper and started studying it while using the magnifying glass and the map on his watch. Kyle lay aganist the car as she fiddles with the rocks. Her mind drifted to the dream as she tried to focus on his face all she could make out were his grey eyes. She closed her eyes frustrated.

Who was he?

What was he to her?

Why were they intimate yet Eva told her that she has never had a relationship or been close to one. She lifted her head and looked at Rikki who was still focused on the map. She remembered how they had met. She was going on an errand when she run into him his clothes were in shreds and his body filled with bruises everywhere. He looked so frightened and so lean that she decided to take him in. Maybe she related his situation to hers and how she once was. Ever since then she trained him and made sure he was fed well. He was like a little brother to her. Even Eva loved him. She spoiled him like crazy. How her children will survive with her smothering and love. She is a designer and also her sister while her on the other hand was so different from her. They are like black and white. she was a bright woman while her well she wasn't the life of the party.

A small smile formed on her lips as she continued looking at him. Her eyes drifted to the forest behind him as she saw something flash in the shadows. It wasn't even dark out the sun was now starting to set. She got from her position and walked slowly towards the direction she saw the thing. Her hand slowly went to her waist that held her whip. Her steps were slow and calculated as the gravel under her boots gave way and made small crackling sounds.

"I figured it !" Rikki called out excitedly behind her. He turned to look at her. She didn't answer as her eyes narrowed and tried to focus just as another flash run past another shadow.

"Get in the car!" She said as she removed the whip and clatched onto her whip as she trained her eyes on the direction.

Rikki looked up at the direction she was looking at trying to figure out what it was. Another movement flashed in the trees near where Rikki stood but before he could make a move a wolf filled with black eyes red with anger darted towards him. Kyle turned back in time and cracked her whip at the wolf. It circled it's neck before she shoved it towards a tree making its bones crack under the force.

They heard a growl followed by another in a distance. Kyle looked at the wolf that was now trying to get up although it let out a slight whimper you could clearly see the thirst in it's eyes.

"Get in the fucking car Rikki!" Kyle shouted before cracking her whip at the wolf that was walking towards them it's teeth bared at her and saliva dripping.

Rikki grabbed the map and shoved it into the car replacing it with his gun. He hadn't worn the belt or his armor and he was silently regretting it now. He turned and shot the wolf that was headed towards Kyle. She turned to look at him before looking back at the wolf.

"Um... Kyle I think we really need to go! Like right now!" Rikkis eyes looked at the forest just as more wolves emerged from the dark forest. Kyle looked up as more wolves emerged each flatting their teeth at them menacingly at the both of them. She held tightly onto the whip ready to fight. Rikki quickly got into the drivers seat and quickly started the engine.

A wolf pounced towards Kyle but she quickly cracked her whip making the fur of the wolf burn. The wolf tried to get out of the whips grasp but instead the whip dug dipper into it's skin. It let out a whimper it's paws straggling aganist the gravel. Blood was now starting to oze from it's neck. Kyle quickly let it go and cracked the whip at another wolf that was rushing towards her with brute force. The whip made its mark on his face making him move back a little losing its footing. The car stopped besides Kyle and she quickly entered. More wolves were emerging and it would be harder to lay them off.

"I have never seen anything like that?" Rikki said as he let out a breath. His hands on the stirring wheel strong. As he pushed against the accelerator making the car speed up.

Kyle remained silent as the car drove. Her eyes constantly looking at the horizon that the wolves dissapeared.

*. *. *. *. *. *

Finally the car stopped in front of a huge metal gate with reenforced steel. Kyle slowly lowered her window as she looked at the guard.

"Name?" The guard asked as he looked at the tablet in his hands.

"Kyle." The guards head shot up at the mention of the name. He looked up at her then down assessing her clearly not believing her.

"What! Did you think I was a man?" Kyle asked a smirk on her lips.

The guard silently apologized just as the gates spread to let them in. Rikki drove into the vast parking lot. A smile on his lips. It always amuses him how people always think that Kyle is a man. Maybe it's because of the name. And she has made quite an achievement even at her young age. Beta of one of the largest wolf packs that deals in combat. She has risen to fame with her hard work and determination. Fulfilling missions that had never been completed.

Kyle got out as she went towards the boot opening it up. Rikki took his small bag from the back and joined her.

"Why do you always carry that small bag?" Kyle asked as she removed her suitcases and placed them down.

"I don't ask why you carry your whip." Rikki closed the boot as he looked back at her.

"That's because it's obvious." She said with a laugh before dragging the suitcases towards the large building ,Rikki followed behind her also dragging his own suitcases.

"Wait is that a hovacar?" Rikki walked towards it and was about to touch it when Kyle slapped his hand making him drop it. He looked at her a dissapointed.

"You can't just touch things that don't belong to you. Besides it must belong to someone from W. City."

"What are they doing here. Are they also participating? I thought they said otherwise?" Rikki asked as his eyes stayed trained on it. Only to look back and be amazed at the building before him.

"It looks like a castle." He stood as he admired the building that stood before them with it's imposing size and elegance.

"I heard it was a castle." Kyle looked down at her watch to check for messages from Eva. There was only one so far. She silently wondered what was going on . At this point she would have left endless messages.

She continued walking without looking at where she was headed. She suddenly crashed against a hard body making her stable a little she felt something strange run through her body. The strange thing is that she felt like she recognized it , she welcomed the feeling with open arms.

She slowly looked up and met stormy blue eyes. It was dark so she couldn't make out his face. But his eyes drew her in. Even the sight of them intoxicated her, drew them into them, making her drown in an endless pit of raging blue. She stood there startled with what was going on. She wasn't one to act this way.

"Kyle." Rikki called into her from the doorway before walking into the light of the lobby. Her head whipped towards his direction before turning towards the figure before her only to find it gone.

She looked around to catch a glimpse of the figure but nothing. She let out a sigh. Dismissing it as her imagination but with doubt. She walked towards the doorway to a smiling Rikki who was smiling seaming fascinated by everything. She stopped at the doorway and looked behind her towards the dark before walking in.

*. *. *. *

He looked towards the door in the darkness his hands folded on his hard chest. He watched as she stopped and looked at the darkness one last time before walking in towards a boy that was smiling towards her.

"Who is she?" Wels asked him as he looked at the door towards where his master was looking.

"I don't know," he said uncertainly the words escaping his mouth sounding so sour as if he himself didn't believe them and yet he couldn't place where he saw her.

He slowly turned Wels walking behind him. He walked towards a hovacar away from the building.

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