Meat To Be Together

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Kathryn is a super rich and she fight people twice her size but she don't want people to know because of her past she is still successful but when she diced to tell her friends who she really is she found her now ex-boyfriend and ex best-friend together in her bedroom find out what she did next...

Action / Romance
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The Shock

"What the fuck are you doing Carson" "Kathryn baby is not what it looks like" (wait that Cristina my best friend) " so you're saying I'm not seeing you and my best friend naked together in our bedroom" "well Kathryn honey that is exactly what you're seeing he said you not satisfying him so did the job for you" "CRISTINA SHUT THE HELL UP" " no it ok Carson i"m so happy that I didn't give up my virginity to a scumbag like you know if you don't mind get the hell out of my house NOW!" "Kathryn baby please listen to me please I don't even love her" " I don't care that you don't love I just want you to get the FUCK OUT OF MY HOSE NOW!". Just like that I got rid of my toxic ex, I don't know why i was sad but i was sad but i was so i went to get some drinks but this i was going alone this because my best friend you what happen after I don't to remind you, well i went the the richest nightclub i could think of in my head. When i got in to the nightclub i just started drinking i didn't even check if it was safe or not to drinking. *Kathryn drink about 10 bottle of beer but she said that beer was hitting her hard enough even thought she was already drunk, as she is about to get her 11 bottle of beer she was stop by 3 tall and big male *" Hey cutie where are you going are trying to have fun with u tonight" "ummm hell the fuck no now get out my way", * as past right through them one of them were really mad and tries to stop her by pulling her by hand as he was pulling her and then BANG she drop kick in the face, he went right thru one of the tables at the bar and other got really mad and started coming at her one by one she took each of the out with bear hands, after she drink her last beer she went to register for a hotel room because she didn't want to go back to that house to tonight, as she walking the elevator she look at the car that the room number on it and it said 96 so she enter the elevator she press the 3 button to go up, when in front of the door it was already open she didn't think much of it and went in side the room, she wanted to take a shower so when got in side she took off all her clothes as she is getting in the shower all the light she see a man sitting in a chair in the corner off tha room staring at her, what she didn't know is that he was also drunk so when got up and started wobbling to she ask him* "who are you and what are you doing in my room" "silence" "HELLO!" "silence" *as he walk closer to her, she didn't feel like she needed to fight and to say she still have not seen his face yet, when he got closer he lift his head she very very handsome and very sexy with out a shit on and let remember that Kathryn is nake so when the guy was looking at her, they both just started kissing each other very roughly and he pick her up they started going wall to wall and breaking every single active item in the hotel room, when they got to the bed Kathryn was taking of his pants he kept on kissing her to the point she could not breath right, he stop for few minute so she could breath but as she was doing that he started kissing her body started going from her big boobs to stomach and going lower to her big thigh and as he was eager to do what he had never done and that is losing his virginity to and she was thinking the same thing so she said* "this is my first time please go slow" "nods" *still not saying a thing he go head and put it inside off her and he goes really slow ass she said, as he is going slow she hug him as so she could grip on his back and she whisper to him* "go faster go faster" * as she said that he started going in deeper and faster she started moaning loud at each single storck he did , each one he did she felt in side her stomach that gripe on the shit really hard and they kept on going like this for about long as he and she could but as he wanted to cum out she crosses her really tight that he could not come out of krely enough that he came inside her, he fell on the bed so he could go to sleep but she wanted more so she got on top and stared riding him like a helicopter but as they are doing that the people next door to them are tired of here the loudest coming from her and him so they said* " CAN YOU GUYS SHUT THE HELL UP I'M TRYING TO GET SOME SLEEP HERE" * they both stop to look at each other and smile at each other but he took a towel and put it in her mouth and started going at it but this time she was going really slow, and after some time he took it out they were kissing very slow, they very into it and then there was someone was knocking at the door but they were still drunk so as he was trying to get to the door, Kathryn stop him and jump on him and there again they kissing from wall to wall, there a point were they fell on the ground and he put it in again and was very aggressive this time he finish inside of her they got up went to the bed to sleep, as she is sleeping on top of him he whisper* " your mine now".
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