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For Stacey Cayman, juggling life as a teenager and secret agent has never been a problem. Not when she's always had to do so within the confines of New York - her home. Stacey's snug life takes a surprising turn however, when she's assigned her first mission away from NYC. And to her utmost dismay, it's not with her parents or her best friend this time - it's with an absolute stranger. The day Stacey sets her eyes on Falcon, she knows instantly that this will be a secret mission she'll never forget, and Falcon makes it his priority to make sure of that.

Action / Mystery
Abena Addai
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Prologue | Comrade

I casually walked through the swarm of people, looking around for the mission target.

I adjusted my fake glasses and smirked when I spotted him writhing his way through the crowd, towards the exit.

Target identified.

I spoke firmly into the microphone inserted into my earring.

“Target location: north-east to the yellow mascot, exiting,” I said to my best friend, cousin, and partner in crime, Charlene Michaels.

“Roger,” She replied from the other end.

I doubled my steps towards the mission target and away from the racket of the ongoing festival.

I followed discreetly as he jumped onto the flat roof of a completely concrete house.

“Head back to HQ. I've got this,” I informed Charlene.

“Are you sure you don’t want backup Stace? I did some background research. He’s pretty good at combat,” Charlene said, being the overprotective best friend she is.

“Like I said Char, I've got this.”

I jumped onto the same roof as him, causing him to turn around at the sound.

His eyes widened in recognition and he charged towards me in attack.

I took a combat defence stance and dodged most of his futile punches. He came at me swinging, but I sidestepped and planted my knee in his ribs, sending him sprawling onto the paved surface.

I quickly fetched the chloroformed toilette from my pocket and placed it against his nose, knocking him out in the process.

Mission accomplished!

I walked through the halls of the agency headquarters, minding my own business just when...

“Agent Stacey Cayman. Report to the office immediately,” The authoritarian voice of the Commandant resonated through the intercom.

“What did you do now, Stace?” My Dad ruffled my hair with an amused expression as he walked by.

“Nothing, I swear!” I said frantically, remembering one thing I did.

“I know. You better hurry. Arden has big news. Your mom and I will be there in a flash,” he said as he walked away.

I made my way to the office and knocked, before entering after an ‘enter.’

“Commander Arden, I swear it wasn’t my intention to kill those guard dogs. I didn’t know chocolate was lethal to their health,” I said hurriedly, ignoring the amused, handsome looking young man sitting across my boss.

Commander Christopher Arden, or “Biggie” as we sometimes called him in his absence, was the son of the founder of this agency and leader since his Father passed away.

“You did what!?” He roared.

Wait, that’s not why he called me here?

“If that’s not why I was called then let’s forget I ever spoke of it,” I said innocently, already knowing I had dug myself a deep grave.

“We’ll evaluate that situation later, we have much more important matters to discuss,” he said narrowing his eyes, “have a seat.”

I sat across him and beside the good-looking stranger who just stared at me amusedly as I avoided his gaze.

Who on Earth was he?

“We have a new mission for you, Agent Cayman. Except this is rather different from what you are used to since it will take place in France,” Biggie explained.

An international mission? Finally!

Just then the door opened and in stepped my parents, Agents Kylie and Jace Cayman.

“How come you didn’t tell me we were going on an international mission?” I asked, not bothering to hide my excitement since they knew how much this meant to me.

“Not we, Stace. You,” Mom said.

I arched a confused brow as she gestured for Commander Arden to continue his explanation.

“This will be your first mission without your parents and your partner,” he stated.


“What? Why?” I asked with building frustration.

“There are a few other missions we need your parents and agent Charlene Michaels for,” he pointed out.

“You want me to do this alone?” I asked with disbelief.

“Of course not,” the Commandant said with a chuckle, before gesturing for the first time to the handsome young man to stand up, “Agent Cayman, meet Spy Falcon Raphael Valenté, your comrade for this mission.”

Just then, it felt as though the world was coming to an end.

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