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Why is it that the hero’s almost always gets to be the main character and always gets to be the strongest or will become the strongest. I think is time we talk about the life of a villain. What they go through so they can accomplish their plan. Why must the villain have a good plan but end up failing it’s not fair. Why must the villain have a reason to be evil. Well I say no more, this is the story of a very powerful villain. In this story our main character is a villain. And he is a villain because he wants to change the reality that hero’s always win.

Action / Thriller
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Chapter 1

He starts out as a abnormal teen, named Riki Banko who recently finished university in an alternate dimension were the every human being in the world has amazing abilities called wurts, which is harnessed by an inner energy called Genki. He has a very powerful wurts. He falls in love with comics and becomes a comic geek. But notices that the villains always lose and vows that he will change that, by being the only villain who never lost to a hero. His ability was to have more Genki compared to other people,and decided to train is ability to get stronger.After his few months training, he was able to increase his Genki even more higher than before.

But just having a lot of Genki without offence, defense, and long ranged attacks or even a cool wurts he knew he couldn’t bit anyone. He decided to try what only high estimated hero’s can do. To channel Genki to his physiology.

But to do such a thing one must concentrate a high amount of Genki to a specific part of his body. It also comes at a great risk that is if the concentration of the genki last too long it might end up causing mass destruction of some kind, no person has had the guts to try because no one knows the outcome towards their life and off course the government is always watching. And so it was a crime to do such a thing if not permitted and invigilated by a licensed pro hero. It is punishable by life imprisonment. So he had to do it in a secluded and isolated area, which was at the outskirt of the Ichi city. He then started the process, while concentrating his Genki in to his left arm. When his genki level started reducing drastically, which could kill him if it gets too low. But it didn’t matter to him, he kept on concentrating his genki to his arm. Until he stops just in time before he almost died. He then passes out, and falls on the ground towards his left. Causing a giant crater at the out skirt of the city. Which definitely attracted not just civilians and news reporters but also some hero’s of the city’s attention. When they arrived at the scene of the explosion they saw a body in the crater that was injured a by the damage caused by the explosion and wondered how or why it was there, and why didn’t it burn to a crisp. But what was important to them was making sure he was alive. When his eyes opened and he saw that he was in a hospital and the one thing he hates most a hero was in the room with him Banko could recognize the sheathed katana, he had tied around his waist and the red kimono he was wearing. One that he hated so much, the one that was at number 4 in his list of hero’s he wants to kill one day and one of the strongest hero’s he knew “psychic samurai” a person who knows to concentrate Genki to his katana and slice through anything . Banko makes use of the little amount of power he had to try and punch him at his back but psychic samurai didn’t even have to look at him to catch his fist, he was too busy making tea because it was a cold, rainy and cloudy day. It just made banko know that he isn’t powerful enough to kill a hero. The hero then questioned him on what he was doing at the outskirt of the city and what happened. But he didn’t respond. Psychic samurai then asked if it was a coincidence that an explosion of that mass which can only be caused by the inability to control genki occurred while banko was at the out skirt of the city. And the only inflicted damage on him was a bleeding foot. Psychic samurai then whispered to his ear “I know your secret”, “You lost control of your genki didn’t you”. Banko with a still face looked at him and refused to reply.

So the psychic samurai decided to lock banko in the hospital room till his ready to talk. But it didn’t take long before psychic samurai left after strapping banko to the hospital bed. But what he didn’t know was that all banko needed to do was to channel as little amount of genki to his finger as possible and hope it would work. Coincidentally enough for him it did work but at a price, his left arm’s index fingers became useless for the time being. He knew that it won’t be permanent but it hurts bad. After banko did it, he goes to the window and jumps down about three stories into a bush but got pricked by a twig .He took another twig and bit on it then removed the twig in his leg and then mouth. Leaving a trail of blood. Eventually psychic samurai had a feeling something was up and checked for banko but all he saw was an open window. psychic samurai then jumps off the window . Only to see a trail of blood and decides to follow it. While banko was running aimlessly. Then stop and notice the trail of his own trail of blood. And decides to go to the nearby river to wash the blood off and tore a piece of clothe out of his t-shirt to wrap around the injury. Immediately afterwards it started raining so he ran under a nearby bridge. While psychic samurai gave up hope after it started raining because it would just wash off the blood trail off. So he decided to give a description and file a report to the police to look out for banko.

It finally stopped raining and banko decided to leave under the bridge not knowing that he was wanted by ICPD(Ichi City Police Department). When he eventually stumbled up on one of the flyers. At which his face and name was on it, with a bounty of 500,000kadi. Which was unbelievably high for someone that just made a small explosion and a giant crater. He decided to drop the flyer in a trash cane and run away. He then stopped in an ally miles from where the flyers were. When he notices that someone with a hood was following him. He continues running and went to a park where he would lose the person, but it was like the person had a tracking device on him. Every turn banko made the person always knew a short cut to get a heard of him. So he changed his approach and decided to fight the person head on, but in a quite a place with not much people around. So he goes down town to an abandon factory. An as planned the person followed him there. When banko got there he concentrated his genki to his fist in other to punch the person from a distance, hoping that it would control a huge gust wind to hit the person . When the person finally got there she removed the hood and banko’s heart melted, he felt a sudden compassion but decided that love is a false reality. But he could not stop the gust of wind, because once it’s concentrated and fired he doesn’t know how to stop it. #Tune in next time for the remaining part.

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