The all powerful villain

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Chapter 2

Banko couldn’t hold it anymore and fired at her. She sees it coming towards her, but to banko’s surprise she didn’t look threatened by it, not even in the slightest. Then she snaps her fingers and his attack disappeared. Banko who was in a state of deli mar was wondering how she was able destroy his attack like it was nothing. He then assumed that was her wurts. Banko then asked why she was following him. She replied, that she was curious. What got you so curious in me said banko. Follow me she said. And banko didn’t see why not any way he needed answers. She took him to her hideout. When they got there banko then told her to answer him. Why is she curious about him. She then gives him a stern look and asked him if he created the giant crate at the outskirt of the city. Banko in a rude tune screamed at her, why she always answers a question with a question. She then agrees and promises to answer his questions, if he answers her question first. Banko with a worried face said yes it was him. She immediately started taking notes. Banko then asked what she wants from him. She said protection. He was like protection from what? She replied “listen closely this is my story”. My name is Muryokun Harrano. It all started when I was hired by this genki research facility because of my wurts, the ability to destroy any attack as long as it is a long range attack.. I was tasked as head of research and development. I dealt with researching on ways to channel genki to your entire body thereby making one stronger, and mastering it there afterwards unlocking the reberu 2 . Banko wondered if that’s why she could destroy his attack so easily and what reberu 2 is. She continued by saying at first she stayed in here field of expertise with her colleagues, but as time went on they were being question about their wurts like they wanted to know how it works and how much we could use it. At first I thought all they wanted was to know if people with such knowledge of wurts would make us more experienced in using our wurts and using them as was good as possible. Then they started training us and gave us rooms to live in so we don’t have to leave the facility. Not short afterwards we were turned to lab rats, being used by the organization to see how far they can train our wurts artificial to the level of a pro hero. Some of my colleagues could not endure and died in the process while the others were killed so the information about the facility wont leak out to the public. It was brutal. Then it was my turn to show them what my wurts was and they approved it useful and decided to spear my life. They abducted more people with wurts. The first division hero (investigative and interrogative division) could not find out what was causing all the kidnapping in the area because the facility had eyes and ears on the inside. Eventually they got their fill of the countless lives they have taking and decided to make do with what they had. Then they explained there plan to all the remaining survivors, who were useful to them. #Tune in next time for the remaining parts and find out the messed up facilities plan is.

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