Met you in lock down

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A girl named Harlie Marow went to a school near a drug store and beacause of that there are alot of School lock downs, but this one was different...

Action / Horror
Lonely 14_14lover
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Story time

Hello.My name is Ashley Marow and I went to a school near a drug store, oh boi I should tell you about how many lock downs the school has had because of roberries and shootings that happened beside of it,I'm here today to tell you how my sister met her boyfriend Ivan German, They are are married right now and have two little twins two girls to be specific and they live a happy life. Okay now let us get on to the story telling.

It was a normal school day waiting on her best friend Dixie at the front of the school, she always arrived late so my sister Harlie would get her books for her first class out of her locker before she waits for Dixie.2 minutes past and Dixie is not here, another 2 minutes past and she is not here yet, Harlie calls Dixie and ask where she is "DIXIE WHERE ARE YOU,YOU NEED TO HURRY OR I'LL LEAVE WITHOUT YOU!" .


Finally Dixie showed up and proseed to walk to the roof top of the school to wait for the bell to ring,and Dixie in the corner of her eyes spots Andrew the "Play boi" Or we say Mr.Heart breaker.

" Hey Dixie when are you gonna stop dreaming about you and him getting married when all he does it break other people heart?" says Harlie.

" You don't know him more than I do" says Dixie.

" I've known him since kindergarten take your head out of the clouds and come back to earth!" says Harlie.

Andrew approaches them with a flirtatious look on his face..

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