The Terrible Ten

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In the year 1992, a group of three former Navy seals (being which a con-artist, a cop, and a convict) go on a journey to unravel the mystery behind the murder of their commander-in-chief.

Action / Thriller
Liam Barath-Lane
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The Revolutionary War began in the year 1775 and then ended in 1783. Seventy-eight years later, the American Civil War began. Thankfully though, it ended in less than four years. 1914 was the birth of, none other than, the twentieth century’s first world war, and it two lasted for only 4-5 years. After twenty-one years, however, another global war began, and it lasted for six years. Last, but certainly not least, came the Vietnam War. And in case you aren’t aware, it lasted — it lasted for more than ten years. And again, in case you don’t know, it did not end there, not even close. Since the year 1947 (or perhaps earlier than), there’d been a long period of time. It was, not so much a nuisance, but a string of conflicts, ones between two national parties; there were ten of us, ten who just so happened to be in one of those parties.

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