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"I trusted you, and you still managed to screw that up too," he grumbles loudly with such a force that it shakes his shoulders and echoes around the hallowed room. I can't help but smirk slightly at him from my seat. His smoldering gaze shoots daggers into my head, but I know it will only get worse, so I throw in the towel. I hush my voice so it is barely a mere whisper. "Well then it really isn't my fault, is it? You can't blame me when it was your mistake to trust me in the first place." His eyes go dark and cloud over with anger as an expression I have yet not seen morphs his face into a state of pure rage, and it is in that second that I realize I have really screwed up.

Action / Drama
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Hello there! Just some information for you loves.

This book is updated more frequently on Wattpad under the user name: talorar

There, I can and will also be posting pictures for visual reference, but if your imagination is endless, feel free to just continue reading the story here. Also, you'll be able to see pictures of the characters and play songs that aid in the storyline.

I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!


Some parts of this story consist of mature scenes and content not suitable for all readers. Dark topics, violence, abuse, and difficult themes may be sensitive to viewers.

Book One of the HIM Series

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