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3- Shattered Illusion

As they day went by, I switched books a couple times, just to seem like I was doing something, to deceive the camera in my room. I knew they’d be watching everyone, carefully, and I didn’t want anyone checking in on me. I’d already realized why all my memories had come back. When the incident had happened at the barrier wall, Dr. Lucy had rushed out forgetting to give me my shot. I guess somehow the syringe disappeared, and she didn’t know what had happened.

I though about that incident rather carefully, staring blankly at my book, occasionally flipping pages I hadn’t even read. I remember it had sounded like something glass had shattered. The border wall was made out of a thick blue glass, so thick you couldn’t see through it. Could someone have broken through it?

My mind was working very quickly now. It was highly unlikely that any of my neighbors had broken it. It had to be someone on the outside. There must still be people out there, people desperate trying to get their loved ones back.

An idea came to me, though it had many flaws. If that break was big enough, maybe I could get through it. Maybe I could get out. If there really were people out there, I wanted to find them. They might have loved ones in my sector who I could tell them about. They probably didn’t even know anything about what had happened to those that were taken. But there were a lot of problems with my idea. The break might be guarded. There was no way I’d be able to fight past the soldiers to get to the outside. I also wasn’t sure where we were. I could be a barren desert outside, a place I couldn’t escape. And I might not even be able to find anyone else. I might have to go days without food, or water. There might be guards outside, and the could drag me back in or kill me. Despite all this, I knew I had to try. I didn’t want to stay some empty headed toy to the Colony the rest of my life.

After lunch was delivered I thought some more. They had said the garden was open. The only path from my room to the garden took me past the part of the barrier that all the leaders, and Dr. Lucy had been headed towards the day before. If I pretended to be going to the garden, I could avoid suspicion. I also knew that there weren’t many cameras in the hallways. There were usually people and leaders about in them, so they probably didn’t think cameras were necessary. It was getting late, and so few people would be inboxed the garden. People usually went there in the morning or the afternoon. The hall leading there would be most empty. It wasn’t the best plan, but it was all I had. I waited another hour. The clock in my room told me it was 4:30. Dinner was served at six, which was when the garden closed. It was a reasonable amount of time that someone would want to spend spend with plants. I went to my closet and selected my sturdiest shoes. They would be ideal- none of my shoes were- but at least they were closed toed flats, and they had a strap to keep them on. They would have to do. I also changed clothes into one of the outfits I set aside to wear to the garden. It was a romper that had three quarter sleeves and pants down to my calves. It wasn’t warm, but maybe the coverage would help if it was cold.

I took a breath and put on a fake calm face. I had to look normal, no signs of panic or worry. I opened my door, and turned left towards the garden. It was time. I walked at a normal pace, though I felt like running. A few others were in the hall headed back to their rooms. I greeted them with a smile and a occasionally a “hello”. I received the same in return. I was terrible nervous, but I didn’t show it. While I didn’t really have experience with acting, I did have experience with performing. When I danced I had to sell the emotion behind the piece. So I took my skills and did my best to put them to use. I reached the end of the hall which held the right wing of rooms. And turned right towards the garden. The left turn lead towards the dining hall, the left wing rooms, and the library.

As soon as I turned, I saw a leader headed towards me. It was a man named Elijah. He had always seemed nice, but I now knew the darker truth behind his smiles and friendly small talk. I prepared myself carefully. He always talked to the people he passed when at all possible. I smiled and waved at him.

“Ah, Leonora. How’s your day been?” he questioned with a false grin.

“It’s been good, Mr. Elijah. I’ve been spending my day reading my favorite books, which is nice. It’s been so peaceful, though it will be nice to get back to the routine, of course.” He nodded in response to my lie.

“I know, I know. The work men have figured out how to fix that mistake of theirs though, so everything will be back to normal tomorrow! In fact, they just went to get all the supplies,” he said cheerily.

″Oh good! I can’t wait to get back to the studio,” I stated. He said goodbye, and turned the corner towards the rooms. I had to hurry. If the workmen were gone, then it might be easier to slip by. But I had no idea when they’d be back. I saw a closed off area just ahead, and I sped up a tiny bit. There was a simple door with no lock protecting the contents of the blocked area. I gazed at the door for a moment, and finally, stepped inside.

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